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Inertial+ – Integrated GPS receivers

Product News August 24, 2010
Over the last couple of years, we have integrated many leading GPS receivers into our Inertial+ system. The latest GPS receiver to be fully integrated in to the Inertial+ navigation system is Topcon’s GB-500. We have also integrated many other receivers from the popular Trimble AgGPS132 and Trimble 5700 to Novatel receivers. By combining your GPS receiver with an Inertial+ system you can remove jumps from the position measurements, increase the output data rate and include orientation measurements with your data.


Combining your GPS receiver with the Inertial+ has some striking advantages:
  • Continuous position data even during GPS outages
  • Highly precise measurements of roll, pitch and heading
  • Dual-antenna option for even greater heading accuracy
  • Optional wheel speed input for extra low drift rates
  • Easily integrated with cameras, LIDAR, hyperspectral sensors
  • Easy configuration software
  • Real-time data, low latency
Customers around the world are using the Inertial+ in combination with a GPS receiver for mobile mapping, road profiling, LIDAR surveys or hyperspectral imaging. Contact us today to find out how you can use your GPS receiver with the Inertial+!


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