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ISO 17025 calibration for all OxTS RT products

Company News August 31, 2012
OxTS’ calibration process has been ISO 17025 accredited by UKAS earlier this year. We are now proud to announce that this has been extended to include the calibration of all 250Hz RT units.
“Initially, we were able to supply UKAS accredited calibration certificates for all 100Hz RT units. We have now increased our scope of accreditation to include calibration of 250Hz RT units”, explains Chris Hocking, General Manager at OxTS. “This is great news for our customers, as we are now able to offer ISO 17025 calibration for all RT2000, RT3000, RT4000 and Inertial+ systems. “

OxTS has been awarded the accreditation by UKAS, the sole UK national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

“ISO 17025 accreditation reflects the expertise of OxTS and competence of our internal quality system,” Chris Hocking explains. “Having the utmost confidence in the reliability and accuracy of measurement data is crucial when testing or benchmarking vehicles.”

OxTS is proud that all of its GPS-aided inertial navigation systems can now be calibrated to ISO 17025 standards. If you have an RT or Inertial+ system and would like to benefit from the ISO 17025 calibration or if your company’s internal quality system requires ISO 17025, please contact our competent sales department.

To read more about our calibration service and our ISO 17025 calibration, please visit our calibration webpage.

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