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Car-to-pedestrian tracking

Software Releases August 18, 2009

250_John-with-RT-BackpackWith OxTS’ unique RT-Backpack system, car-to-pedestrian tracking is now more accurate and reliable than ever. The portable RT-Backpack is an additional component for the popular RT-Range systems which are used for vehicle-to-vehicle position and lane tracking measurements. The RT-Backpack has been specifically designed to offer a complete solution for pedestrian/motorcyclist detection and avoidance tests. This unique backpack system helps car manufacturers to develop vehicle-to-pedestrian tracking systems by giving an objective and accurate measurement of the distance from the car to the pedestrian (or motorcyclist) with up to 2cm position accuracy.

The RT-Backpack includes a highly accurate RT3000 Inertial and GPS navigation system, which is mounted securely on a frame, a battery capable of powering the RT3000 for up to 5 hours, a precision GPS antenna, wireless LAN and a battery charger. Data from the pedestrian wearing the RT-Backpack to the vehicle is transmitted over wireless LAN which works over more than 200m in open sky.

The RT-Range Hunter vehicle receives data from the RT-Backpack, computes the measurements online and outputs them on the CAN bus. This means that if you already have an RT-Range system for developing and testing driver assistance systems, you can now expand your tests to include car-to-pedestrian tracking.

To find out more about the RT-Backpack or the RT-Range, please contact us.

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