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Monitor anywhere with OxTS and Beam Connectivity

Company News August 10, 2022

OxTS’ vision is to enable our customers to navigate anywhere. For this to work as intended, we need to ensure our customers can also monitor anywhere!

OxTS NAVsuiteThis is so we can support industries where there is a need for accurate and precise localisation data, wherever they are and whatever their application. Industries such as; automotive test and validation, survey and mapping, commercial fleet autonomy, MaaS, avionics and more.

When providing these solutions however, it’s also important for us to make our data as accessible as possible, enabling users to monitor anywhere. OxTS develops software for this purpose, to help users understand what goes on “under the hood” of the device; to give confidence in the quality of the data the INS is collecting, and to support them when things don’t go to plan.


This accessibility becomes even more important and challenging as the complexity of tests increases, and more groundtruthing and georeferencing on the open road takes place. We asked ourselves; how can we keep track and enable the support of multiple OxTS devices in use, anywhere, at any given time?


Integrating with Beam Connectivity remote monitoring software

This is where we turned to Beam Connectivity; after meeting them at the MOVE 2021 conference in London. Beam Connectivity supports their customers in the vehicle sector to deploy connected systems. Their flagship service is Connected Vehicle as a Service (CVaaS). CVaaS is an end-to-end solution that users can rapidly deploy and customise to support any remote monitoring use case.

By working together, OxTS and Beam Connectivity, have been able to deliver a prototype that is available to use today. It enables users to monitor an OxTS device wherever it is, from wherever they are.

Our initial integration has taken advantage of our common interfaces. Using CAN, we created a solution where you can monitor, in real-time (with latency generally only 1 second), some of the key measurements to ensure your OxTS device is working well.


Monitor anywhere; OxTS and Beam Connectivity set-up diagram


Taking to the road – testing the solution

To test the solution, we took an RT3000 v3 out on the road in urban and rural Oxfordshire (UK) to test its remote monitoring capability. The device took advantage of Quad Constellation support, with dual antenna configuration and NTRIP corrections for RTK positioning. Alongside, the relevant CAN outputs were setup and we connected this via a CAN cable to a Beam Connectivity telemetry module. The module used the same primary antenna as the RT3000 v3.

We then sent out a link to the Beam Connectivity Analytics Portal to our colleagues, who could monitor and support the mission, throughout the two hour period, from wherever they were.

This remote access helps a driver concentrate on the mission at hand, such as driving a pre-determined route, while allowing the Support Engineers to conduct other work until prompted by the Beam Connectivity dashboard, where they can then support the driver from wherever they are based that day.




With this proactive support available, the amount of time it can take to address potential data quality issues means there is a higher chance of collecting more usable data throughout a dataset, or a quicker resolution to issues that can in turn help save money when renting space on a proving ground or test track.


What next?

By enabling access to data without being directly connected to either the device itself or a DAQ, we can support customers in reducing the level of expertise needed in each vehicle by empowering users with the ability to support and troubleshoot from anywhere. This helps give companies and their test engineers more time to focus on other high value projects.

In addition, this capability can also plug the gap for UAV Surveyors, who can currently struggle to know how their system is performing at the point their device takes off, up until the point it lands, by allowing them to access data throughout their mission.

Remote monitoring isn’t where this stops however; as Beam Connectivity’s capabilities could allow OxTS to further develop both the usability and performance of your devices.

If you want to monitor and support your OxTS devices from wherever you are; whether more centrally as a support team or once your device has taken off, or you’d like to understand how else Beam Connectivity and OxTS can support your mission performance, get in touch.


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Beam Connectivity – Based in the UK and specialising in connected vehicles, Beam Connectivity’s vision is to become the partner of choice for connected systems. They offer the Connected Vehicle as a Service (CVaaS) to take the pain out of collecting data from and managing remote assets, which allows their customers to focus on the value of their vehicle data. To find out more about CVaaS or discuss consultancy services, find them at:


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