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Simplifying LiDAR Survey

OxTS to exhibit at ATE Stuttgart!

What is ROS?

OxTS to exhibit at GEO Business 2022!

Join OxTS at XPONENTIAL 2022!

Georeference LiDAR data with OxTS Georeferencer 2.0

OxTS Survey team to exhibit at Geo Week 2022!

OxTS RT-Range 2022 is now available

What is LiDAR?

Merry Christmas
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OxTS Customer Case Study – UAV Bridge Survey

Introducing the OxTS AV200

OxTS NAVsuite 3.3
is now available!

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OxTS ROS 2 Driver available on GitHub

OxTS Georeferencer 1.5 is now available

What is a full LiDAR survey solution?

OxTS appoint Spatialnetics as new Survey and Mapping Distributor

OxTS Georeferencer 1.4
has arrived – with new Hesai integrations!

OxTS appoint Visimind as new Survey and Mapping Distributor

EcoCAR Mobility Challenge 2021 Review

How to get the best precision and improve pointcloud accuracy

INS and LiDAR calibration – solved with data!

How to conduct a Road Survey with an INS

OxTS provides HORIBA MIRA with indoor positioning solution for UK’s first automated valet parking test facility

Stamp out time drift – Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is here

The OxTS xNAV650 INS is now available!

Power-user performance for all with the new NAVdisplay beta

OxTS partners with
Ultra-Wideband (UWB) indoor positioning specialist, Pozyx.

OxTS Georeferencer v1.2

How is a pointcloud made?
(What is a Georeferenced Pointcloud?)

Georeferencer –
Boresight calibration

Latest updates to NAVsuite

What is ADAS?

Why have ADAS?

The future of ADAS

ADAS hardware

ADAS sensors

Quad-GNSS support is here:
More satellites. More RTK.

What is GNSS?

How does a GNSS receiver work?

How does a GPS receiver work out where I am?

The GPS signal

Finding satellites

Working out the range to a satellite

Trilateration: How distance measurements help to work out location

What is SPS?

What are differential corrections or DGPS?

What is RTK?

What are the limitations of GNSS?

What is INS? / What’s an inertial navigation system?

How does an INS actually work?

INS: Frames of reference



Inertial navigation: dead reckoning

Inertial navigation: Drift

OxTS Georeferencer update is released!

Datron Technology and OxTS propel Oxford Brookes Racing Autonomous to Victory

What is a Pointcloud?

The Automated Drive North: Q&A with Katelyn Magney, VSI Labs.

OxTS partners with EcoCAR Mobility Challenge

Nihon Denkei becomes an OxTS Distribution Partner for growing ASEAN countries

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New improvements to
RT-Range available now

NAVsuite 2.8 has arrived

OxTS-Dewesoft Integration

Business as usual

OxTS launches OxTS Georeferencer

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New Release of OxTS Software

Krakow Demo Day A Great Success

Dual Antenna Roof Mount – new from OxTS

OxTS Park-Assist solutions impress at AstaZero Testers’ Day

Upgraded xNAV and xOEM improved

OxTS announce new Chairman of the Board

NAVsuite and RT-Range: next generation ready

Test more sensors with Multiple Sensor Point

AutoDrive Challenge 2019 review

See why LiDAR needs inertial navigation

New NAVsuite software has significant benefits

OxTS gears up for 2019 AutoDrive Challenge

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019

Multiple ADAS sensor validation made easy

ADAS tests in simulated night-time environment

OxTS wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

NAVsuite 2.5 – Post-processing made easy

DEWETRON develop OxTS RT systems plug-in

New measurements added to OxTS RT-Range

OxTS adds GLONASS support to gx/ix

OxTS supports Save the Children

OxTS Indoor Positioning System with Locata

RT-Range software now supports ISO 8855/DIN 70000

Latest firmware release adds Beidou

NAVsuite 2.2 release – Improved configuration tools and IMU warm-up assistance

OxTS celebrates 20 years of success and looks ahead to an even brighter future

Thomas Ying appointed as Technical Director

Indoor positioning solution for vehicle testing without GNSS signal availability

OxTS demonstrates RT-Range S ADAS validation tool to over 90 test engineers in Sweden

RT3003s used to score AutoDrive™ Challenge competition

Application Engineering delivers ‘OxTS inside’ levels of accuracy and flexibility

OxTS gears up for AstaZero/Test Site Sweden Testers’ Day

OxTS confirmed as key technology sponsor of the AutoDrive Challenge

OxTS supplies K-City with its test equipment for ADAS and autonomous vehicle test and development

Phase One iXU Integration with OxTS INS

OxTS to release new advanced development kit for integrators

OxTS unveils new post-processing software with latest NAVsuite release

OxTS are exhibiting and presenting at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum

OxTS Inc. opens in Motor City, USA.

Accurate and robust ground-truth data, without the need for post-processing

OxTS sponsored Team Delft during Formula Student 2017

TV show on autonomous vehicles features OxTS RT3000

TV show on autonomous vehicles features OxTS RT3000

Alison Smith appointed as Commercial Director

OxTS expansion: Engineering and Commercial teams in new offices

OxTS launches new RT1003 – a small 2 cm GNSS/INS system

Validating traffic sign recognition systems?

OxTS—your partner for bespoke application projects

Latest NAVsuite software release now available

New generation of GNSS receivers bring GLONASS support

NAVsuite software release – February 2016

Latest NAVsuite release promises reduced workload for automotive engineers

OxTS unveils new self-contained base station for centimetre level accuracy in all-weather

OxTS RT-Range S software release – ADAS testing to Euro NCAP AEB VRU protocol

Terry Hurley appointed Technical Director

Networked DGPS allows differential corrections to be shared from one vehicle to multiple vehicles in a WLAN network

OxTS NAVsuite release 2015

Dual receiver systems get improvement with GLONASS heading calculations

World’s first INS integration with Locata: OxTS Inertial+

Inertial+ can now take advantage of dual-antenna receivers and take heading from an external receiver

xNAV and xOEM series now with increased data rate

xNAV250 – Latest addition to miniature INS range

NavtechGPS appointed as North American sales representative

NAVsuite software release winter 2015

Support for alternative coordinate systems in post-processing

OxTS customers can now use local geoid coordinate systems

Improved drift performance with vertical advanced slip technology

Provinn appointed as Scandinavian Sales Representative

New 2 cm positional accuracy, lightweight xNAV550 GNSS/INS

OxTS – NAVsuite software release

NAVdisplay – Fully configurable real-time display software

gx/ix™ RTK – Quick RTK relock after obstructions

RT-Range capabilities increased with new feature

xOEMcore – more than just an IMU

Dimitris Ragousis appointed as Sales Manager

Appointment to Board of Directors: Chris Hocking

What does GLONASS add?

OxTS announces 2 cm accurate, real-time xNAV550 INS/GPS

OxTS launches xOEM500 at ION GNSS+

RT-Range: New CAN data acquisition feature provides increased capabilities

OxTS technologies for mobile mapping in challenging GNSS environments

OxTS – Your OEM partner for INS/GNSS integration

OxTS xNAV products are not subject to export control

Compatibility with two new GPS receivers keeps Inertial+ at the cutting edge

RT Post-process support for multiple base-stations improves productivity

Updated RT now achieve 1 cm accuracy

Break free from base-stations with NTRIP

New Survey+ L1 cost-effective solution for mobile mapping

Advanced new algorithm achieves RTK integer relock in as little as 5 seconds

More SBAS regions added for users in India and Russia

NAVsuite Spring 2014 software release updates

OxTS hosts another successful Sales Meeting

ADAS reference system from OxTS and Ibeo Automotive Systems

New xNAV500 brings real-time output to our range of small and lightweight GPS-aided inertial navigation systems

Andrew Roland appointed as OxTS Commercial Manager

Accurate tyre slip measurements even in wet conditions – with the RT-Split

New RT Range S—small box, big capability

Two-month test of xNAV200 proves its capabilities

ISO 17025 calibration for all OxTS GNSS/INS systems

NAVsuite software release December 2013 – Full list of changes

Improved ABD robot interface for EuroNCAP AEB testing

Define the shape of your test vehicle with up to 24 points

Achieve real-time RTK-quality velocity and orientation accuracy without a base-station

New gxInteger algorithm adds RTK 2 cm accuracy to RT Post-process

NAVgraph – plot, analyse and export your data

NAVconfig – configure your OxTS product with ease

RT-XLAN – reliable communication up to 1 km in RT-Range applications

ISO 17025 accreditation for OxTS calibration technology

For INS/GNSS integration, OxTS is your OEM partner

OxTS Inertial+ with 250 Hz update rate

New Survey+ INS/GNSS launch announced

RT software release April 2013 – Full list of changes

OxTS adds CAN acquisition to the RT

Using differential corrections with gx/ix in RT Post-process

gx/ix processing: improved accuracy in urban environments

Successful SIAT Expo

Full list of RT-Range software changes

Multiple windows show RT-Range measurements

Multiple line files support in RT-Range

Feature Point Technology in the RT-Range aids Traffic Sign Recognition development

The RT-Range now represents Fixed Points as polygons

Season’s Greetings from OxTS!

RT-Base is now compatible with GLONASS capable RT systems

Full list of Inertial+ software changes

Inertial+ interface to Trimble BD920

Leica GX1230+ GPS receiver integrated with Inertial+

GPPPS message output

ISO 17025 calibration for all OxTS RT products

New lightweight GPS-aided inertial navigation system

Unique RT-Range features

OxTS releases xNAV200 – its smallest and lightest GPS-aided INS

New! Rugged bag for your RT-Strut mounting pole

Verifying ADAS accurately

OxTS’ calibration service ISO 17025 accredited

RT-View software release February 2012 – Full list of changes

OxTS is now Approved Exporter

New cone placement files

Season’s Greetings from OxTS!

Another successful year for OxTS

RT Software Release November 2011, Full list of changes

gx processing improves RT2500

Combined forwards and backwards processing of inertial data

OxTS launches the RT-UPS

OxTS welcomes three new members to its expanding team

Driving robots on the test track

GrafNav version 8.3 support

Filtered acceleration outputs from RTs

Full list of Inertial+ software changes

Optech file output

OxTS shortlisted for Small Company of the Year 2011

OxTS UDP Server – Inertial+ measurements in more than one application

Combined CNav-C and inertial navigation

Using the Inertial+’s improved configuration

Inertial+ interface to NavCom’s SF-3050

Small research aircraft measures volcanic ash cloud

OxTS sails through ISO 9001:2008 assessment

Team AnnieWAY’s autonomous vehicle wins GCDC 2011

RT-Range software release April 2011, List of changes

RT-Range Accuracy Outputs

3D Range Calculations in new RT-Range software

Target RT status on CAN bus

Hidden Targets in ADAS testing

RT-Range represents Target vehicles as polygons

Lane Direction in RT-Range

Lane Curvature in RT-Range

RT-Range appeared in BBC’s “Surviving a Car Crash”

The OxTS team wishes a happy festive season

Cone Placement Tool

Altitude reference options

RT-View Y-axis configuration

Triggered NMEA outputs in RT

Improved wheel speed processing in the RT systems

Updated NCOM decoders

GPS-Base software release

GLONASS significantly benefits GPS

Inertial+ – Integrated GPS receivers

Triggered NMEA messages

Antenna displacement applications for Inertial+

Wheel speed algorithm improvement

Undulation control option

New NMEA messages GSA, GSV

Javad I+RTK relock with Inertial+

MDL Dynascan uses Inertial+

RT2004 – another cost-effective precision product

Inertial+ Topcon GB-500 Integration

Triggered Data Logging in RT-Range

Instant Lateral Offset Correction in RT-Range

Survey Trolley Trigger Switch

Lateral velocity to all lines

Maps in RT-Range Bird’s Eye View

Next RT-Range developments

OxTS launches new 2cm accurate member of RT2000 family

RT2500 Improved velocity calculation

RT-View supports multiple files

POS Output format for RT Post-process

Inertial+ supports GAMIT-GLOBK

RT2004, another cost-effective precision solution

New NCOM decoders

Inertial+ Leica GS50 integration improvements

5% drift reduction with new Novatel OEM-V model

Inertial+ Post-processing Support

Car-to-pedestrian tracking

Towed Balloon Targets with RT-Range

Simple Fixed Point Configuration using RT-Range

Time-to-collision measurements from RT-Range

Four Targets in real-time from one RT-Range Hunter

Configurable CAN for RT-Range

Static Initialisation of Dual-Antenna Systems advances technology for Autonomous Vehicles

First RT2000 Inertial and GPS system shipped