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Simple Fixed Point Configuration using RT-Range

Product News December 14, 2008

Creating new Fixed Point locations for the RT-Range could not be simpler. Fixed points are useful when working with stationary objects, like balloons. The new RT-Range software picks up the location of any RT and uses it for the Fixed Point location. Simply drive the RT-Range to the location where the fixed point needs to be set and create a new Fixed Point at this location.

When the vehicle cannot be driven to the exact fixed point location it is a simple process of getting the vehicle close, then entering some offsets from the vehicle to the measurement point. The software will use the heading, pitch and roll information from the RT to compute a precise Latitude, Longitude and Altitude of the fixed point.

The new fixed point location is given a name and saved on the computer. It can be downloaded and used by the RT-Range at any time without the need to restart.

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