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Webinar: Troubleshooting your OxTS INS device

Webinars April 28, 2021 Webinar

Join Rhianna Ganly-Thomas, Support Engineer at OxTS, for a troubleshooting masterclass, covering the most common errors when installing, configuring, and using your OxTS INS device. This session will cover the use of RTs for automotive engineers, and Survey+ and xNAV devices for survey and mapping professionals.


We recommend this session for all users who want to get the best from their OxTS products.


Troubleshooting INS inertial navigation system

After attending, you’ll:

• Be familiar with common errors and how to avoid them.

• Get answers to any questions you have regarding your OxTS device.

• Understand the best places to get ongoing support as you need it.



If you missed the live sessions, you can watch a recording of this webinar here.




Further resources:

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