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Webinar: The road to L2+ automation with
Phil Magney, President
VSI Labs.

Webinars April 21, 2020 Webinar

Building a vehicle for the test and development of ADAS and automated driving is a hugely complex endeavour and requires careful planning.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how VSI Labs took on this task.  Guest speaker, Phil Magney, Founder and President of VSI, will cover all considerations, including:

  • Choosing a base vehicle platform
  • Building a domain controller
  • Selecting an initial sensor package
  • Developing a middleware stack
  • Exploring some of the overlooked elements such as liability insurance, and what you must do to limit your exposure.

We recommend this session for anyone involved in building a vehicle for the test and development of ADAS and automated driving.

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Phil MagneyAbout Phil Magney:

Phil Magney is an entrepreneur and automotive electronics expert with over 25 years’ experience in active safety systems, automated vehicle technologies and telematics. Phil is the Founder and President of VSI Labs, a leading researcher and advisor on CAV technologies. VSI is a registered company within the State of Minnesota.


Before founding VSI, Phil was co-founder and president of Telematics Research Group (2001), which was acquired by iSuppli in 2008.  Phil lead the Automotive Business Unit at iSuppli until it was acquired by IHS in 2011 where he was Senior Director for Automotive Technology.  In his tenure, Phil acquired a deep understanding of automotive electronics systems including active safety, connected vehicle, and automated driving technologies. Phil is the author of numerous reports and papers for industry trade publications as well as a frequent speaker at global automotive conferences and symposiums.

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About VSI Labs:

VSI Labs conducts applied research that examine the performance and functionality of active safety and automated driving technologies.  VSI performs functional examinations of HW/SW components including sensors, high-definition maps, machine vision, INS/GNSS, neural networks, connected services, and accelerated computing.

VSI’s services include component integration, functional evaluations, and CAV demonstrations. VSI also maintains a comprehensive research portal where customers can subscribe to research assets that provide guidance on the current and future state of the CAV industry.

VSI maintains automated development vehicles that are registered, licensed, and insured to perform research and development on public and private facilities.

Watch the webinar



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