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OxTS to exhibit at Xponential 2023!

Events May 8, 2023 Denver, Colorado

Xponential Banner

We’re delighted to announce that once again, OxTS will be exhibiting at Xponential.

XPONENTIAL 2023 is your chance to contribute to the next draft of the blueprint for Autonomy. Each layer of the plan depends on the unique perspective and skills of leaders in the autonomous community. During Xponential this year, four core themes will be explored: the design, operationalisation, integration, and safeguarding of uncrewed and robotic technology.


When: Monday, 8th May – Thursday, 11th May

Where: Colorado Convention Centre, Denver, Colorado USA

Stand: 2148


OxTS at Xponential

Whether you’re developing a robotaxi or an industrial automoation robot, one thing remains constant – the need for accurate localisation data whatever the GNSS conditions are you’re vehicle is operating in. This year, the OxTS Autonomy team will be on hand to talk to visitors about the work we’re doing to
bring cost-effective, autonomous vehicle navigation solutions to developers with a focus on operationalisation and integration.

At the heart of our development is the OxTS sensor fusion framework. The sensor fusion framework is a concept born from the idea that true GNSS-denied navigation is only possible through the fusing of multiple sensors (or senses) with complimentary characteristics.

Much like the human body, the ability for something to navigate around its environment completely independent of human interaction, depends on the sensors available to it, and how they work together to allow it to build up a picture of its environment – and therefore move around it.




Register for a free XPO Hall pass and book a meeting with the OxTS Autonomy team.

As a regular exhibitor at Xponential, OxTS have been given the opportunity to invite our customers, prospects and partners to attend the exhibit hall for free this year!

Come and see OxTS at Xponential and let us explain more about our approach to sensor fusion and full GNSS-denied autonomy.

Register for your free XPO Hall pass here and book a meeting with us using the form below.

During the meeting we’ll be happy to talk to you about your journey towards autonomy and discuss how our sensor fusion development work is helping customers overcome some of their most difficult GNSS-denied navigation challenges including those around:

  • Fully autonomous GNSS-denied navigation
  • Static initialisation
  • Indoor/outdoor transition

Book a meeting with OxTS and let us help you navigate your way towards full GNSS-denied autonomous navigation…


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