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NAVsuite 2.5 – Post-processing made easy

Software Releases April 4, 2019

OxTS has now released the latest version of NAVsuite, version 2.5, which contains the latest release of OxTS’ core software applications. The main update is some big additions to NAVsolve that help simplify and automate post-processing. Users can now configure batch processing through the GUI to process multiple raw data files with predefined settings, and there is now an automatic base station download function that finds the nearest base stations to your data and downloads the corrections for RTK quality.

Download NAVsuite 2.5 and the new features

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NAVsuite is the collective name for four OxTS software applications used to configure, monitor, process and analyse navigation data captured via our INS products. When used effectively, NAVsuite can enhance the raw data collected and can help to review changes in performance in different environments.

New features in NAVsuite 2.5

Automatic Base Station Explorer – Get RTK corrections for your data quickly and easily, all over the world
Simple Batch Processing – Process multiple RD files with just the click of a button
Indoor Navigation Configuration – Simple interface to set up indoor navigation with reflective strip technology.

Additional items in NAVsuite 2.5:

• NAVconfig “apply feature code” UI
• NAVconfig “Send command/file” UI
• Support for CAN message “angle gradient”
• RT Post-Process deprecated
• NAVdisplay new template for indoor navigation with reflective strip technology
• RTCMv3.2 support for both RT-Base S and GPS Base

NAVsolve – Automatic Base Station Explorer

For users collecting data around the world it’s not always feasible to have a mobile base station like the RT-Base S on location. Or in many cases like the rigorous data collection for autonomous driving, a data set can cover hundreds of miles extending beyond the range of a single base station. Thankfully there are networks of Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS) across the world that provide RTK corrections to download which can be processed with the INS raw data in NAVsolve.

Now processing data with these RINEX base station files just got even easier. With this new version NAVsolve can automatically detect when and where your data is and display a list of nearby available base stations for that date. Simply click the button to download the correction data. The map display shows the position trace of the full dataset and where the stations are in relation, so you can check at a glance all the stations you’ve selected are in range of your data.

NAVsolve 2.4
NAVsolve can automatically search for base stations within a defined radius of your data.
One-click download and show them on the map in relation to your data.

There’s no limit to the number of base stations, so users can always make sure their data is covered no matter how long it goes. With the corrections downloaded, the data is then processed using the OxTS tightly-coupled gx/ix™ technology to give robust RTK quality even in difficult GNSS environments.

• Access 1000s of base stations across the globe
• Visual display of base station proximity to data trajectory
• Automatic search for nearest stations
• Tightly-coupled processing maximises RTK performance

NAVsolve – Batch Processing

With growing requirements for extensive testing and almost continuous data collection in applications like autonomous development and validation, data processing has become a daunting task with the huge amounts of data to handle. To help automate some of this processing and free up engineers’ time, NAVsolve now has integrated tools for batch processing.

Batch processing can handle multiple raw data files to let users set the processing configuration once and then automatically process each file with those settings. Add base stations or use the new automatic download feature, configure an export from the processed NCOM file of each run, and save the settings as a template for future processing.

• Unattended processing of multiple files
• Configure once and leave to run, freeing engineer time
• Automatic export to CSV and other formats
• Includes new Automatic Base Station download functionality

NAVconfig & NAVdisplay– Indoor Navigation Configuration UI

OxTS indoor navigation technology with reflective strip aiding was proven and released in collaboration with automotive test system supplier AB Dynamics last year. The technology allows the testing of ADAS and autonomous driving functions in an enclosed environment where normal GNSS navigation would not be possible, so engineers have a strict controlled environment for reliable and repeatable testing.

In place of GNSS satellites for position updates, the indoor navigation uses retro-reflective strips laid out on the test area. The strips are surveyed to create a map file which can now be easily loaded on to the RT with a simple step in NAVconfig. With the system ready to go, users can load a new premade template and plugin in NAVdisplay to initialise the system relative to the indoor coordinates, and display key measurements like position accuracy, vehicle orientation, and velocity.

Indoor positioning GUI
NAVdisplay Indoor Navigation template including new plugin for initialisation.

How to download NAVsuite 2.5 and the new features

Existing customers can download the latest release from the support site.

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