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Euro NCAP 2023
car-to-motorcyclist scenarios: what do they mean for you?

Webinars February 23, 2022

Find out what the 2023 Euro NCAP VRU test protocol will mean for your vehicle testing with OxTS and AB Dynamics.

In this on-demand session, OxTS’ Robert Gough is joined by AB Dynamics’ Leo Evans to discuss the forthcoming arrival of several Euro NCAP scenarios using the new European Motorcycle Target (EMT). The conversation will cover what the new scenarios are and can how test engineers can conduct them safely and accurately.

After watching the webinar, you will:

  • Understand what changes are coming in the 2023 Euro NCAP VRU test protocol
  • Be familiar with the solutions available to conduct the five new car-to-motorcyclist scenarios safely and accurately

ABD Launchpad 80

Watch the on-demand webinar:
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