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Webinar: Creating pointclouds with non-OxTS navigation data using OxTS Georeferencer

Webinars January 24, 2023

OxTS Georeferencer is OxTS’ proprietary LiDAR georeferencing software. The latest version, due for release early in 2023, will allow you to georeference your LiDAR data with your choice of navigation data – giving you even more flexibility when it comes to the tools you use to survey.

To help us test the concept, we engaged with Australian geospatial innovation company, Klau Geomatics, who used their own non-OxTS navigation data (from NovAtel) to georeference the data from their LiDAR sensor using OxTS Georeferencer.


OxTS Georeferencer 'unlocked'


During this webinar, OxTS Product Engineer, Jonathan Deacon spoke with Klau Geomatics Director, Rob Klau about OxTS Georeferencer and how it has helped them accelerate their own product development whilst simultaneously giving them a quick and easy way to georeference their LiDAR data.

By watching the webinar, you will be able to:

  • See the pointclouds that Klau Geomatics have been able to produce using OxTS Georeferencer
  • Understand how you could use GNSS/INS data from a provider of non-OxTS navigation data to create accurate georeferenced pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer.
  • Ask questions directly to a member of the development team, and a user, about the anyNAV functionality.

This webinar is now over. You can however watch the recording for free below.


Watch the Recording

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