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Webinar: ‘What’s new in OxTS Georeferencer v1.2’

Webinars November 23, 2020

Join OxTS Product Engineer, Jacob Amacker who will discuss the major changes that have taken place within OxTS LiDAR Georeferencing software, OxTS Georeferencer, and what they mean for surveyors across the world.


INS survey: Boresight calibration and pointcloud


During the webinar Jacob will discuss:

  • Why an INS (and not just GNSS) should be used for navigation data
  • The additional LiDAR integrations now available within OxTS Georeferencer v1.2
  • The new, improved boresight calibration functionality
  • How precision analysis works in OxTS Georeferencer v1.2 and what this means for you


If you missed the live webinar event, you can view the recording here




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