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Webinar: Why is navigation data so important for survey and mapping applications?

Webinars June 30, 2022

An often-underappreciated component of any surveying or mapping setup is the navigation data device. The GNSS or IMU/INS is often begrudgingly taken alongside the ‘much more exciting’ cameras, LiDAR, radar and other devices.

But surveying is fundamentally about locating and identifying objects precisely. This is only possible when navigation data is taken seriously.

Earlier this year OxTS Application Engineer, Jacob Amacker took a closer look at why navigation data is a key component for any survey set-up

During the webinar Jacob discussed:

  • The dangers of neglecting this element
  • What can be achieved with the right navigation data toolset, and the improvements
    you should expect to see
  • Tips on how to obtain the best precision in your final data

The webinar is free to attend.


Watch the Recording

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