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Krakow Demo Day A Great Success

Company News December 9, 2019

Learn about the great success that was the OxTS demo day, held with partners EC Test Systems, in Krakow, Poland.

The day was an opportunity for us to show off the latest developments in both Survey+ and xNav, for survey & mapping, and RT3000, for automotive ADAS testing.

We also introduced the new dual antenna roof mount, which has been designed to provide simple mounting of dual GNSS antennas on vehicles. This excellent event was organised and hosted by local partners, EC Test Systems, in Krakow, Poland.

The event was organised in two parts, with presentations on technological developments in the morning. This was followed by demonstrations of equipment capability in the afternoon. It was also arranged in two parallel streams:

LiDAR integration – georeferencing and boresight calibration for survey and mappingADAS testing in the automotive industry
Presentations included a review of both the Survey+ and xNAV550 products and discussed the efficiency and reliability of OxTS georeferencing solutions. They also covered applications included uses on land, air and sea.

OxTS demonstrated pairing of the xNAV550 INS paired with a Velodyne VLP-16 along with a pre-release version of their LiDAR georeferencing software. OxTS’ Georeferencer software can automatically calibrate for boresight alignment between the INS and LiDAR thanks to OxTS-developed alignment algorithms. It can also intelligently filter the point cloud data based on the reported accuracy of the INS.

Users also customise the LiDAR range that they wish to work with. This allows for the cleanest and most reliable point cloud to be created instantly and reduces the amount of post-processing that is required before creating high quality maps from the raw data.
The automotive stream presentations introduced RT3000 v3, OxTS’ next-generation INS/GNSS solution, in particular, the benefits for ADAS Testing engineers. This included the efficiencies provided by Multiple Sensor Point capability, which allow engineers to cover all angles of sensor validation, simultaneously.

An afternoon demo showed off key RT3000 v3 capabilities. In a parallel park assist scenario, the vehicle-under-test performed a parallel parking manoeuvre between two parked vehicles at the side of a road. This showed how Horizontal Range to both vehicles and to the curb can be provided in real time alongside time to collision measurements.

In addition, it demonstrated how Multiple Sensor Points shows users precisely what the vehicle can detect or if there are any blind spots that could risk a collision as the vehicle manoeuvres into the space.

The day received enthusiastic reviews from the attendees, and planning for further similar events is already underway.

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