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New improvements to
RT-Range available now

Company News May 4, 2020

You can now benefit from the increased usability improvements for RT-Range. To start with, download the latest version of RT-Range suite. 

Once installed, you’ll be able to: 

1. Configure with greater ease and speed as a result of more intuitive workflow. The most notable improvements include:

  • “Configure RT-Range” being repositioned to the start menu, reducing the number of steps in configuration 
  • Range measurements now directly link to lane measurements, reducing the risk of error in configuration between your B and C measurements and the Hunter vehicle. 

2. Have greater confidence in your configurationthrough increased clarity within the software. You will be able to differentiate between sensor points and INS icons at a glance and edit their locationwith ease. Upon committing configuration, you will also receive a confirmatory status message. 

You can find more information on improvements and bug fixes here. 

On top of the software updates, there are new firmware and hardware introductions which will improve your experience when using RT-Range. 


New firmware: configuration without initialisation. 

Do more ADAS setup on the bench, rather than in the vehicle. This new firmware now allows you to configure the RT3000 v3 prior to initialisation. 

To upgrade your firmware, please contact your OxTS distributor. This upgrade is covered by OxTS maintenance contracts. 


New accessories: OxTS survey trolley adapter plate 

You will now be able to use your existing OxTS survey trolley with your RT3000 v3. The OxTS survey trolley adapter plate accommodates the smaller dimensions of the next-generation device, ensuring it remains in place. 

Please contact your OxTS distributor to order yours. 

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