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Latest NAVsuite release promises reduced workload for automotive engineers

Software Releases February 1, 2016

The latest release of our NAVsuite software has been designed to do just one thing—to make life easier for automotive engineers. So while the user interface hasn’t changed a great deal, there have been some big changes behind the scenes. The most important of which are the new co-ordinate systems that are available on the CAN bus.

While our GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems retain the previous earth-fixed NED, horizontal and vehicle based reference frames, they now output additional measurements using the popular systems defined in ISO 8855. This seemingly small change should save engineers plenty of time as it removes the need to convert measurements between different co-ordinate systems. The new CAN bus outputs include measurements in an earth-centered, earth-fixed ENU system, ISO 8855 intermediate system and ISO 8855 vehicle based system.

For vehicle dynamics and other automotive based work, DIN 70000 is often the coordinate system used. Based on the ISO 8855 international standard for vehicle dynamics and road holding ability, DIN 70000 is an equivalent German standard used by many manufacturers of passenger cars, buses and other commercial vehicles. This is especially of interest to our large German customer base who can now use the vehicle coordinate system according to DIN 70000.

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