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Latest NAVsuite software release now available

Software Releases May 12, 2016

The latest version of the NAVsuite software package from OxTS is now available. Below is a list of the major changes in this release. Make sure your systems stay up to date with the latest firmware to take advantage of newly released features and software by purchasing a Support Contract.


New GNSS receiver support
1Recently the GNSS receivers in the RT2500, xNAV500, and Inertial+ were updated with the latest generation, bringing GLONASS support to these products. Read more about the update here. This release adds full support for the new hardware and the GLONASS option on those models.



inMOTIONx support
2This release also adds full support for the recently released inMOTIONx product, ensuring you can properly configure, process, and view dynamic data captured with the miniature INS. Designed with automotive applications in mind, the inMOTIONx is small enough to be integrated into moving platform targets for ADAS testing and can interface with driving robots for precise path following.
NAVdisplay Test & Save enhancements
The Test & Save utility for NAVdisplay has been improved and now has the ability to interpolate data for the CSV export. The Test & Save plugin is extremely useful for a number of ADAS or vehicle dynamics tests that require multiple data sets triggered on certain conditions. For example, an engineer performing a brake test may need to start logging a separate data file once a specified speed has been reached, and then stopping the file once the speed reaches zero. The Test & Save utility allows users to easily review data only relevant to their tests.
Other changes
A few other minor changes have also been made for this release. NAVdisplay now displays some tips and tricks on startup to help users get going and maybe teach them something new. The Garage mode setting is now available in the Options page of NAVconfig for the Survey+, Inertial+, and xNAV products. The Terrastar-C PPP service is supported and properly displayed when enabled on compatible devices. The default GNSS weighting when configuring an xNAV has been changed from medium to high, since xNAVs are most often used on UAVs in open sky conditions. A number of various bug fixes are also included.

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