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Leica GX1230+ GPS receiver integrated with Inertial+

Product News October 30, 2012

180_180_LeicaOver the last few years, we have integrated many leading GPS receivers into our Inertial+ navigation system. The latest GPS receiver to be fully integrated into the Inertial+ is the Leica GX1230+ receiver. By combining your GPS receiver with the Inertial+ system you can remove jumps from the position measurements, increase the output data rate and obtain highly precise orientation measurements.

The Inertial+ is a compact, six-axis inertial navigation system designed to work hand in hand with your survey grade GPS receiver. The cost-effective inertial navigation system is designed to deliver smooth, jump-free position data even when faced with difficult GPS conditions found in urban or tree-covered areas. An additional odometer input from a wheel can be used to keep the measurements as accurate as possible when a GPS signal is unavailable. Furthermore, the Inertial+ outputs its data at a high, 100Hz data rate with a very low latency. Accurate roll, pitch and heading information from the inertial navigation system as well as features like the trigger output make it ideal for a wide range of applications from road profiling and mobile laser scanning to airborne surveying and hyperspectral imaging.

OxTS has tuned our compact inertial navigation system so that it is perfectly optimised for use with the Leica GX1230+. The receiver communicates with the Inertial+ using the Leica OWI (Open World Interface) proprietary protocol, which is available on the GX port of the Leica GX1230+. Using the Leica OWI interface improves the performance of Inertial+, compared to using standard NMEA, as it allows extracting more information from the receiver, such as vertical velocity. We have also accurately modelled the performance of the Leica GX1230+ so that the Inertial+ is optimised with this receiver. For more information on how to use the GPS receiver with the Inertial+ see the integration manual for the Leica GX1230+ or contact our sales department. Although tested using the GX1230+, the model will work for other Leica receivers in the GPS1200 series.

The Inertial+ is also compatible with a range of other GPS receivers. Click here for the Inertial+ online manual.

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