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NAVconfig – configure your OxTS product with ease

Software Releases October 18, 2013

250_NAVconfigOxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) have released a major update for the RT Config software, used to set up and configure OxTS products for a wide range of applications. This new version comes with a new name: NAVconfig, and will be part of the new NAVsuite series of software releases planned for the coming months.

The biggest change with NAVconfig is the combination of the old i+config and RT Config programs into one, meaning if you happen to have an Inertial+ as well as an RT3000 for example, there is no need for two conflicting installers any more. Configuration of all OxTS inertial navigation systems can now be done with this one simple program.

This includes the new products launched this autumn. NAVconfig offers a simple configuration wizard to help select and set up your product, with tailored options specific to your application. Whether you’re installing an xNAV200 into a lightweight UAV, setting up a Survey+ in your mobile mapping vehicle, or configuring an RT3000 in your test vehicle, NAVconfig is all you need to start getting the best out of your system.

To find out more about our products or the latest software release, contact OxTS or your local representative now.

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