NAVdisplay – Fully configurable real-time display software

Software Releases

January 30, 2015

NAVdisplayOxTS are pleased to announce a major re-development of its real-time display software – NAVdisplay, the successor of Enginuity. At first glance, NAVdisplay brings with it a very modern and refreshing look as well as a fully customisable interface, allowing your creative side to flourish with many new design(s) to suit your needs.

Its core design allows us to rapidly add new modules of test software and bring new functionality to fruition very quickly. In short, your ideas will feed the software’s continual development.

For this release, NAVdisplay will have:
•    Fully customisable templates – personalise & display your data just the way you want it.
•    Analogue or digital display format options.
•    Graph and alert measurement displays on some fields.
•    Different colours (font & background).
•    Architecture for rapid development of purchasable ‘add-on’ modules for specific tests.
•    Provide system integrators with a “core” element to build their own “front-end” quickly.
•    CAN acquisition ready.
•    RT-Range real-time range data ready.
•    Ability to show system ready status.

We are very excited about this release; we hope you will be too.  For more information please contact us or your local representative.