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NAVgraph – plot, analyse and export your data

Software Releases October 20, 2013

250_NAVgraphImageNAVgraph is OxTS’ latest dedicated graph visualisation software specifically designed for getting the very best out of your OxTS products and capable of producing the kind of professional results normally associated with advanced data analysis tools. It is easily customisable to graphically display your vital data just the way you want it. Document, present, print or section and export your data at the full data rate for further analysis by binary or CSV. Whatever application or field of work you operate in, this is the tool that can save you hours of work.

With the upgrade of RT-View to NAVgraph, we have added many exciting new features:

• Display CAN signals from OxTS products alongside NCOM, RCOM or MCOM data.
• Graph many more types of measurements than ever before for a wide variety of applications.
• Updated and improved graph configuration tool:
• “Find” function to search quickly through all available measurements
• Improved display of measurements by group and categories
• Quickly enable and disable measurements for display
• Improved local and global template solution to graph the data just the way you want it… quick, repeatable graphs yet also unique for one dataset if required.
• All data is selectable and exportable (at the full data rate) to shorter sections of either CSV, XCOM, NCOM, RCOM or MCOM data.

In summary, NAVgraph is a very intuitive, quick and easy tool to select, graph and visualise complex sections of data from your OxTS products, without having to use very complex tools to do so. It is the perfect solution for all your OxTS data.

To find out more about our products or the latest software release, contact OxTS or your local representative now.

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