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NAVsuite 2.2 release – Improved configuration tools and IMU warm-up assistance

Software Releases August 13, 2018

***Update: NAVsuite 2.4 available now. Click here… ****

OxTS is proud to announce the latest version of NAVsuite, version 2.2, which contains the latest release of OxTS’ core software applications. This upgrade has the capability to improve your INS setup procedures and warm-up process with our new interactive warm-up tool: NAVassist. We have also re-designed NAVconfig to simplify your configuration tasks and integrated new tools for customers using our NAVsolve post-processing application.

NAVsuite is the collective name for the four OxTS software applications used to configure, monitor, process and analyse the navigation data captured via our INS products. When used effectively, NAVsuite can enhance the raw data and help to review changes in performance in different environments.

New features in NAVsuite 2.2

  • New look NAVconfig – Configure your INS with greater ease and reduce errors caused by poor configurations
  • NAVassist – An INS warm-up tool for automotive test engineers to ensure consistency in measurement data accuracy.
  • NAVstart – A menu for your NAVsuite applications.

Additional items in NAVsuite 2.2:

  • NAVconfig application sets RTCMv3 as the default differential correction type.
  • Support for new RT1003MS (Motorsport) product selection.
  • Improvements in usability to the base station selection screen in NAVsolve.
  • Improved zoom and pan controls for graphs in NAVsolve.

New-look NAVconfig

Data accuracy can vary depending on how your device is initially configured. If configured poorly, it can lead to time spent troubleshooting issues later down the line.

Customers tell us they need a straightforward software application that guides them through the important configuration options they need to consider. These include: IMU orientation, antenna positioning, data interfaces such as CAN, environmental factors and differential corrections setup.

Using customer feedback, the OxTS development team have spent time re-designing our universal device configuration tool, NAVconfig. The overall look and feel has been refreshed and the workflow has been re-designed to provide a more logical and environment-tailored experience. The result is that the device configuration process is now clearer to users of the software.

NAVconfig 2.2

New-look NAVconfig application. A straightforward user experience, a built-in wizard to guide you through each step and device feature code display table.

NAVconfig has been released in NAVsuite 2.2 as a beta version, meaning we are still ironing out some small features, and we expect and welcome user feedback, particularly if you’re a regular user of the previous NAVconfig.

Find out more about the changes in the new-look NAVconfig

Download NAVconfig here

NAVassist – New INS warm-up tool for automotive test engineers

You can now use a dedicated software tool to perform an OxTS-recommended warm-up procedure for your INS. Doing so will bring consistency to your data accuracy values and remove errors and biases from the sensors.

What is NAVassist?

NAVassist is a new OxTS software application. It is installed within NAVsuite and is accessible through NAVdisplay as a utility. NAVassist is an interactive application that connects to your device through the network and provides audio and visual guidance to engineers about the manoeuvres they are expected to perform to during a reliable warm-up. The user will know when the system is warmed-up and ready to go.

Why warm-up?

For automotive test engineers using RTs to validate vehicle sensor performance, it is important to perform an IMU ‘warm-up’ prior to data collection, especially if you are looking to collect pitch and roll measurements – the IMU’s accelerometers and gyroscopes require high-dynamic to achieve specified accuracy values. Some customers achieve this by driving in a figure of eight motion after initialisation. This will help but will not be enough to bring the device up to steady-state operation.

A thorough warm-up ensures precise, accurate and, most importantly, reliable data.

Warm up procedure

During the warm-up the algorithms used for OxTS devices will correct for any sensor bias that may have appeared over time, caused by, for example, temperature changes or sensor age. In addition, a dynamic warm-up will allow the system to calculate precise measurements for the IMU’s orientation and antenna positioning, which will in turn greatly improve results. Finally, a consistent method for warm-up will lead to consistent accuracy values from your data collection projects, i.e. if you have a number of systems that you use regularly, you should have the same warm-up procedure each time to maintain standardisation across data sets.


To access NAVassist open NAVdisplay and select ‘NAVassist’ from the utilities menu.

Alongside NAVassist users can view the device performance through a bespoke warm-up template in NAVdisplay. Using this template, you can see how the warm-up is affecting accuracies such as position, heading, pitch and roll.

Find out more about NAVassist via the NAVassist Support Guide.


To make it easier to find and select the OxTS application you need, we’ve created a handy menu: NAVstart. NAVstart is installed with NAVsuite version 2.2 and will automatically open each time a device is found on the network.

NAVstart menu

Use NAVstart to find the OxTS software application you need.

How to download NAVsuite 2.2 and the new features

From 15th August 2018, all new INS products will be shipped with NAVsuite 2.2  installed on USB devices. Existing customers can download the latest release from the support site.

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