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NAVsuite software release – February 2016

Software Releases February 1, 2016

OxTS – NAVsuite software release February 2016

The latest NAVsuite release is now available for free with new systems and to customers with a support contract. We have added exciting new features to our software suite. Here is a list of all changes (Installer 160124).



NAVbase – New configuration software for OxTS base-stations
NAVbase is a brand new application within NAVsuite which allows the user to setup and configure the new RT-Base S and the GPS-Base product. The new RT-Base S represents a complete redesign of our self-contained portable base station, which can be used to achieve centimetre level GNSS accuracy in all weathers. The IP65-rated system is now smaller and lighter, while also providing a number of enhanced features to make it both easier to use and quicker to setup in real-world applications. Find out more …


180_180_ISO8855Measurements in DIN 70000 coordinate frame
With our latest NAVsuite release, we are now able to output measurements not only in our traditional inertial-based coordinate frame but also in the DIN 70000 coordinate system.
Based on the ISO 8855 international standard for vehicle dynamics and road holding ability, DIN 70000 is an equivalent German standard used by many manufacturers of passenger cars, buses and other commercial vehicles.
This is especially of interest to our large German customer base who can now use the vehicle coordinate system according to DIN 70000. Read more…


180_180_NAVdisplayfunctionalityImproved functionality in NAVdisplay

Our real-time data display software NAVdisplay has been improved further, making it even more powerful. Some of the new features include:

• NAVdisplay analogue display and graph lines change colour based on user-defined thresholds
• NAVdisplay user-defined thresholds with >2 colours
• NAVdisplay option to reset distance automatically on trigger event
• Create NAVdisplay templates and widget groups without needing to be connected to a unit or replaying a file.
• NAVconnect remembers “enabled” units. There is now a setting in the Options menu to re-enable a device on start-up. The setting is checked by default but it can be disabled by users if they want to.
• NAVdisplay Test & Save plugin enhancements. This application allows the user to make tests with different start and stop conditions that then creates a report when the test stops.


180_180_AddedCANmessagesAdditional CAN messages added
With the latest NAVsuite release, additional CAN messages were added: Heading lock option and Local co-ordinates origin information.

The CAN configuration in NAVconfig’s Options tab now has Heading lock in the Status tab to show the status of the heading lock option. Also added to the Status tab is “LocalRef1” and “LocalRef2” giving local coordinate origin latitude, longitude, altitude, and heading.
“PosLocal” and “VelYawLocal” were added to the Navigation tab to give PosLocalX and PosLocalY (easting and northing) and also velocity and yaw relative to local axes.


Waypoint KP file support has been added back in our post-processing software for survey products
The Waypoint KP file support has been added back in to RT Post-process for our survey product range (Survey+, Inertial+ and xNAV). This is great news for our customers who have existing workflows with KP usage and would like to use the OxTS survey products in that flow.
When this option is selected an option to extract and save the raw GPS information to a file will be available. For more information please contact OxTS Support.


SBAS option added to xNAV200/500 options page in NAVconfig
The xNAV200 and xNAV500 systems have been capable of SBAS, however, this was not configurable in NAVconfig. This has now been added.


All new products are shipped with the latest software release free of charge. Customers on a support contract get access to the latest software and firmware as they are released, meaning their products stay up to date with the latest features and functionality.

For more information about any of the features listed, or to find out more about a support contract, contact us now.

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