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NAVsuite software release winter 2015

Software Releases March 19, 2015

OxTS – NAVsuite software release

This is the latest iteration of OxTS’ all-in-one NAVsuite software suite. This exciting release contains the first full release of the new real-time data display tool NAVdisplay. It also contains new features like vertical advanced slip for improved drift performance in poor GNSS conditions as well as local geoid support for our customers working in cartography and mapping. The software update is now available for customers on a support contract.


170_125_NAVdisplayReal-time display software NAVdisplay

OxTS are pleased to announce a major re-development of its real-time display software. NAVdisplay, the successor of Enginuity, is now available as the first full release. At first glance, NAVdisplay brings with it a very modern and refreshing look as well as a fully customisable interface, allowing your creative side to flourish with many new design(s) to suit your needs. Its core design allows us to rapidly add new modules of test software and bring new functionality to fruition very quickly. In short, your ideas will feed the software’s continual development. Click here to read…


170_125_VASImproved drift performance with vertical advanced slip technology

OxTS customers working in adverse GNSS conditions such as inner cities or tree covered areas can now benefit from improved drift performance with our new vertical advanced slip technology. In situations where the GNSS signal is blocked or lost, the vertical velocity is constrained by the IMU measurements. When used in conjunction with a DMI or wheelspeed odometer, the position drift is greatly reduced and maximum accuracy is maintained. This is particularly important to users carrying out precision work in harsh GNSS environments, such as mobile mapping in urban environments with the Survey+ or conducting open road ADAS tests with the RT-Range S. Read more…


170_125_GeoidCustomers can now use local geoid coordinate systems

Our latest software suite now supports locally defined geoids in post-processing. OxTS customers working in cartography, topographic mapping and other GIS applications can now work with local geoid coordinate systems. We have enhanced our NAVsuite to provide configurable EGM2008 geoid support. The first example is a geoid covering Spain and Portugal, which is a further adjustment from EGM08. The EGM08 geoid and some variations (EGM08 REDNAP) will be available as a reference for altitude in post-processing. Our customers can download the geoid definition file from our website. We will make more geoids available in the future in addition to EGM08. Read more…


170_125_EllipsoidSupport for alternative coordinate systems in post-processing

With the latest NAVsuite release, our software is now capable of outputting latitude, longitude and altitude in different coordinate systems than WGS84. With this NAVsuite release we have added ETRS89 which is required for survey work in Europe, NAD83 which is the standard for North America as well as ITRF2008. This was initiated in response to a customer request and shows OxTS’ commitment to supporting our customers in the survey and mapping industry.


Selectable CSV export data rate
Customers can now select a customisable data rate for the CSV export and cut down export file size for large data sets in NAVgraph.

Photogrammetric angles in NAVgraph
NAVgraph is now able to display photogrammetric angles which is useful for survey
customers performing photogrammetry.

Reset distance measurement
NAVdisplay allows the user to zero the distance traveled.

Displace output diagram
Better visual appearance of the displaced output settings in the “Displace output” option window in NAVconfig.

All new products are shipped with the latest software release free of charge. Customers on a support contract get access to the latest software and firmware as they are released, meaning their products stay up to date with the latest features and functionality.
For more information about any of the features listed, or to find out more about a support contract, contact us now.

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