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New NAVsuite software has significant benefits

Software Releases June 7, 2019

With the recent update of our NAVsuite software package to version 2.5, the NAVsolve application post-processing capabilities are even more powerful. This upgrade provides a simplified user experience, improved automated workflows and generally saves you time and effort. To learn more, see our new video.

The improvements to NAVsuite 2.5, don’t just affect the NAVsolve application. The NAVdisplay and NAVconfig applications also benefit from these improvements, particularly if you are interested in indoor testing.

All new INS products come with NAVsuite 2.5. Customers with systems in the field already who want to update their software package can download this latest release for free from our support site.

If you’d like to learn more, read our recent article. Alternatively complete the request form for more information.

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