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Networked DGPS allows differential corrections to be shared from one vehicle to multiple vehicles in a WLAN network

Product News August 6, 2015

Differential GPS corrections being received by one OxTS device can now be shared wirelessly between multiple devices in a WLAN thanks to the networked DGPS feature in the latest release of NAVsuite. While this enhancement saves money and reduces system complexity, it also gives car manufacturers even greater flexibility when evaluating ADAS sensors in public traffic.

Differential GNSS corrections can be transmitted or received on the IP network, e.g. over the RT-XLAN, allowing multiple devices to share a single correction source. This means only one INS on a network needs to receive those corrections on a serial interface from an external source, such as NTRIP via a radio or modem. That INS then acts as the “Network Corrections Transmitter (NCT)” and sends the corrections over the network as UDP datagrams. Other INS units on the network act as “Network Corrections Receivers (NCR)” capturing the UDP broadcast differential corrections and using them as if they had been received directly via a radio modem.








Using this system reduces complexity in situations where multiple RTs need DGPS corrections as only one pair of radio modems needs to be used.

Customers can configure this feature in the “Differential corrections” window in the “Options” tab of NAVconfig (see screenshot below).

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