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New generation of GNSS receivers bring GLONASS support

Product News May 5, 2016

The OxTS RT2500, xNAV200/500, and Inertial+ inertial navigation systems have undergone a hardware update to replace the integrated GNSS receivers with the latest generation available, bringing GLONASS support to these products.

Now for the first time, every INS available from OxTS is capable of tracking the GLONASS constellation. The benefit of adding GLONASS tracking to your receiver is the ability to see and utilise a larger number of satellites, an extra 24 to choose from on top of the 30 from GPS. This becomes particularly important in environments that have poor sky visibility such as urban canyons. Having a larger number of possible satellites overhead makes it more likely that even with limited visibility, there will still be enough in view to calculate a robust position solution.

The new hardware in these products also means they will now be able to take advantage of the recent developments in OxTS data processing. Dual antenna models like the xNAV and RT2502 will have their heading greatly improved with the addition of GLONASS, which can now be enabled on the secondary receiver for heading calculations and a more robust solution. Additionally, all new models with GLONASS will be able to make use of the raw GNSS data with tight-coupling in gx/ix™ processing, further improving performance in poor GNSS environments.

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