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RT-Range software now supports ISO 8855/DIN 70000

Software Releases August 30, 2018

The new release of the RT-Range software suite (180820) now fully supports the ISO 8855/DIN 70000 coordinate system.

Features of the new release include:

  • Improved Post-Process for RT-Range and navigation measurements selection for both Hunter and Targets
  • RT-Range configuration supports ISO CAN measurements
  • RT-Range configuration supports Hunter navigation CAN measurements
  • Real time display supports ISO measurements display
  • Data logging supports ISO measurements export to CSV
  • The User Interface has been integrated with NAVlib functionality
  • Birds Eye view supports display of data in ISO measurement frame
  • Support for 4K resolution screens

Existing RT-Range customers can download the latest software release via the support website.

To read more about the ISO 8855/DIN 70000 and how our RT products support this coordinate system, click here.

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