Newsletter – Expert inertial + GNSS navigation technology


October 7, 2013

OxTS offers a range of leading GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems for applications where reliable position and highly accurate orientation data matter. Our systems provide continuous position measurements even in harsh GPS environments and output roll, pitch and heading making it an ideal system for all airborne or land-based survey and mobile mapping applications.
We will exhibit at the Intergeo in Essen, Germany from the 8th – 10th October 2013 where we are going to launch several new products and product features. Here is what you can see:


180_180_Survey_NEW! Survey+ INS/GNSS for all survey applications

The new Survey+ is a compact, extremely price competitive GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for providing stable, reliable and highly accurate position (2cm) and orientation measurements. It is designed for airborne laser scanning applications as well as road surveying and pavement inspection projects. It seamlessly integrates with other on-board sensors like aerial cameras, laser scanners or LIDAR technology. To read more about the Survey+, click here…


180_180_NAVgraphNEW! NAVgraph – plot, analyse and export your data

Visit us at Intergeo to find out how NAVgraph (former RT-View) can be an integral part of your data monitoring. NAVgraph is OxTS’ latest dedicated graph visualisation software specifically designed to view, analyse, present or export your data. Designed to handle the large files from our navigation systems efficiently, NAVgraph is an efficient tool that can plot your test results immediately and load your entire day’s work with ease. You can export to CSV, KML (for Google Earth) or cut down large files into smaller ones. Speak to our team at Intergeo to find out how NAVgraph can save you hours of work.


180_180_Inertial_NEW! Inertial+ now with 250Hz update rate 

Our popular Inertial+ navigation system is now also available with a higher update rate of 250Hz. The increased output rate makes the Inertial+ perfectly suited for all precision mobile mapping applications where data is acquired at high speeds. It is also ideal for airborne mapping projects such as precise LIDAR or photogrammetry applications. Read more…


180_180AeroscoutHelicopterPosition and orientation for UAV helicopters

More and more UAV developers rely on the OxTS products for position and orientation information. Aeroscout in Switzerland are using OxTS GPS/INS systems on their UAV helicopter systems. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective, new and innovative solution for airborne scanning.  Fields of application include mapping of coastal lines, cultural heritage, forests, electricity pylons and more. We are going to exhibit together with Aeroscout at the Intergeo 2013. Come and see the B1-100 UAV helicopter on our stand A3.057. Read more


180_180_xNAV200.2xNAV200 – Compact and lightweight GPS/INS sensor

OxTS will showcase its smallest and lightest INS/GNSS at this year’s Intergeo in Essen, Germany from the 8th – 10th October 2013. The xNAV200 is a very compact and lightweight INS, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. It is capable of providing reliable position (90cm), precise heading (0.15°) as well as highly accurate roll/pitch (0.05°) measurements at up to 100Hz. The miniature sensor is easy to integrate and is ideal for use on unmanned aerial vehicles.  Read more… 


180_180_Intergeo2013See us at Intergeo 2013

Talk to us about our new products and features at the Intergeo 2013, which takes place in Essen, Germany from the 8th – 10th October. We are exhibiting on stand no. A3.057. We look forward to showing you our brand new Survey+ as well as our small, lightweight xNAV200 and the 250Hz version of our popular Inertial+ product.