Newsletter – Expert inertial + GNSS navigation technology


November 27, 2013

OxTS offers a range of leading GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems for applications where reliable position and highly accurate orientation data matter. Our systems provide continuous position measurements even in harsh GPS environments and output roll, pitch and heading making it an ideal system for all airborne or land-based survey and mobile mapping applications. With our new software release we have added exciting new features and launched a new software suite which makes configuring your system as well as collecting and viewing your data even easier.


180_180_Inertial_NEW! Inertial+ now with 250Hz update rate 

Our popular Inertial+ navigation system is now also available with a higher update rate of 250Hz. The increased output rate makes the Inertial+ perfectly suited for all precision mobile mapping applications where data is acquired at high speeds. It is also ideal for airborne mapping projects such as precise LIDAR or photogrammetry applications. Read more… 


180_180_LongVanNEWImproved heading accuracy with 5 m baseline

With the October 2013 software release, the OxTS inertial and GPS navigation systems with dual antenna capability will be able to use antenna separations up to (and beyond) 5 m. Longer antenna separations make it possible to achieve 0.05° RMS heading accuracy with a 5 m antenna separation. OxTS customers with a mobile mapping van or aircraft can now increase the heading accuracy of their INS/GNSS system from 0.1°to 0.05°.


180_180_NAVgraph.1NEW! NAVgraph, free graphing and data analysis software

NAVgraph is OxTS’ latest dedicated graph visualisation software specifically designed for getting the very best out of your OxTS products and capable of producing the kind of professional results normally associated with advanced data analysis tools. It is easily customisable to graphically display your vital data just the way you want it. Document, present, print or section and export your data at the full data rate for further analysis by binary or CSV. You can also create KML files which allows you to view your data in Google Earth. Our NAVgraph software is supplied for free with all OxTS products. Read more…


180_180_MobileMappingvanNEW! New algorithm adds RTK 2 cm accuracy to RT Post-process

RT Post-process from OxTS can now achieve 2 cm accuracy—making it the most competitively priced inertial and GNSS post-processing solution on the market. While many OxTS devices already output real-time RTK 2 cm measurements, it is not always possible for customers to set up a base-station or to send differential corrections to the host vehicle in survey applications. This is especially true where the area to be surveyed may be large or geographically challenging for radio signals, or where the use of multiple rovers makes a real-time solution too costly. Read more…


180_180_NAVconfig2NEW! NAVconfig, configuration and set-up made easy

OxTS have released a major update for the RT-Config software, used to set up and configure OxTS products for a wide range of applications. The new NAVconfig offers a simple configuration wizard to help select and set up your product, with tailored options specific to your application. Whether you’re installing an xNAV200 into a lightweight UAV, setting up a Survey+ in your mobile mapping vehicle, or integrating one of the new OEM series into your system, NAVconfig is all you need to start getting the best out of your system. To upgrade your firmware or get more information, contact us now.