Newsletter – Has your RT or Inertial+ been calibrated recently?


October 31, 2013

Our advanced calibration service ensures that your RT or Inertial+ remains highly accurate. As part of the calibration service all the gyros, accelerometers and GPS components are tested and calibrated to ensure that they are accurate and continue to deliver the results that you expect. We can offer both basic calibrations and ISO17025 calibrations where the acceleration and angular rate measurements are traceable to national standards. Pre-arranged calibrations can be performed on a fast turn-around.

180_180_CalibrationCertificBasic calibration 

On the basic calibration we adjust the parameters that are critical to inertial navigation and provide a report confirming that the product works correctly and to its specification. Basic checking of acceleration and angular rate are performed during the adjustment but are not reported on the certificate. All the inputs and outputs of the product are checked to make sure that they are working correctly. Read more…


180_180_ISOcalibrationISO 17025 calibration 

The calibration process at OxTS is BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited which means our calibration equipment, methods and internal quality management systems meet the highest standards set by the industry. ISO 17025 is an international standard designed for the accreditation of testing and calibration processes. Our ISO 17025 calibration offers a wealth of benefits to our customers:

  • Pre-adjustment assessment is provided.
  • Detailed calibration certificate which is recognised internationally.
  • Increased confidence in accuracy of measurements which is crucial when testing and benchmarking vehicles.
  • Important for companies whose internal quality system requires ISO 17025.
  • Accelerations and angular rates are traceable to national standards.
  • Confidence that your measurements conform to national standards as required by many tests.


If you would like to benefit from our basic or ISO 17025 calibration, you need to send your system back to OxTS. Please contact our Sales department for more information or read more on our calibration webpages.