Newsletter – Inertial + GPS navigation technology


March 25, 2013

Position jumps, low update rate and lack of orientation: all solved by adding an Inertial+ to your GPS receiver. With a cost-effective inertial measurement unit and world-leading Kalman filter, the Inertial+ provides continuous position measurements even in harsh GPS environments and outputs roll, pitch and heading making it an ideal system for all airborne or land-based survey and mobile mapping applications.


180_180_Aeroscout.1Position and orientation for UAV helicopters

More and more UAV developers rely on the OxTS products for position and orientation information. Aeroscout in Switzerland have recently equipped UAV helicopter systems with dual-antenna RT3003 systems. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective, new and innovative solution for airborne scanning. Fields of application include mapping of coastal lines, cultural heritage, forests, electricity pylons etc. Read more…  


180_180_GPPPS_OptechGPPPS messages

The Inertial+ system can output NMEA GPPPS messages over the serial port. The GPPPS (Pulse Per Second) is a non-standard NMEA message which is useful for integrating the Inertial+ with other devices such as cameras or laser scanners. We have added this specifically to integrate our system with Optech’s ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System. This message, which is especially useful for system integrators, contains useful information such as the PPS count, the UTC time of the current PPS, and other time-related information. Adding GPPPS messages to the list of supported NMEA message types is another step in our continuous effort to make the Inertial+ even more attractive for our mobile mapping and surveying customers. Read more… 


180_180_RoadCrackInertial+ ideal for road profiling 

The cost-effective Inertial+ systems are invaluable for assessing the condition of road surfaces and other vehicle-based mobile mapping applications. We have many customers who are using our GPS/INS systems in their mobile mapping and road profiling vehicles. The GPS-aided inertial navigation systems provide accurate and jump-free position data even in adverse GPS environments. The compact Inertial+ systems are easily integrated with laser scanners or cameras. To read more about the Inertial+, click here… 


180_180_forwardsbackwardsForwards/backwards processing for minimum drift 

The Inertial+ systems have an advanced data processing algorithm which makes it possible to post-process the inertial data both forwards and backwards in time. In urban environments, for example, buildings often disrupt the GPS signal. The sophisticated forwards and backwards processing feature improves the position accuracy in urban conditions and reduces the jumps caused by multipath in the GPS data. Even when large drift occurs, such as when driving through a tunnel, the forwards and backwards processing reduces the drift rate significantly. Read more…


180_180_Inertial_demoInterested? Call us for a quote or demo 

The best way to convince yourself of the precision and quality of our products is by booking a product demonstration. If you are interested in testing the Inertial+ systems, please contact us to arrange a suitable date for you.