Newsletter – OxTS RT-Range for reliable, repeatable ADAS tests


February 3, 2014

As testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is getting more and more complex, car manufacturers need a test system that can perform a wide range of highly complicated tests including multiple vehicles under realistic traffic scenarios. The RT-Range is already the most comprehensive solution used globally for developing advanced driver assistance systems.

We strive to make products that deliver the best results possible to vehicle engineers around the world. Part of our commitment to world-class products is continuous improvement by adding new features and software enhancements. Here are the latest features available with the December software update:


180_180_FixedPointPolygon.1NEW! Improved ABD robot interface for AEB tests 

The RT-Range is ideal for performing EuroNCAP autonomous emergency braking (AEB) tests with high precision and maximum reliability. With our latest software, it is now easier than ever to perform all required AEB tests with the RT-Range in combination with robots from Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD). An improved interface now allows data from a static target to be output to the robot during tests. Read more…  


180_180_24PolygonPointsNEW! Every car has its unique shape…

… and that’s why RT-Range users can now define the shape of their test cars with up to 24 points when testing and validating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This ensures that the shape of a test vehicle, pedestrian or static target can now be defined as realistically as possible. Previously, the RT-Range software allowed users to define targets as a polygon with up to 8 points. Increasing the number of polygon points to 24 ensures that even complex vehicle shapes can be specified and leads to more accurate tests. Read more….


180_180_RT_XLAN3NEW! RT-XLAN for communication up to 1km

When testing ADAS systems with the RT-Range, the distance between vehicles can now be extended to 1 km (0.6 miles) with the new RT-XLAN. The RT-XLAN is a long range radio that extends and improves the data integrity and communication between vehicles. The extended range is especially useful on larger test tracks and for ADAS tests where vehicles need to communicate reliably over a longer distance. Specifically designed for outdoor use, it features a robust, weatherproof design that can operate within a wide temperature range. Powerful suction cups ensure quick and secure mounting onto all types of vehicle roofs – even on aluminium, glass and fibre-glass. Read more…


180_180_TEIndia2014See us at Automotive Test Expo India 2014

Talk to us about our new products and features at the Automotive Test Expo India, which takes place in Chennai from the 19th – 21st March 2014. We will show our RT family of GPS-aided inertial navigation systems which provide accurate vehicle dynamics data for the most complex and demanding vehicle tests. We will also show our RT-Range – the most comprehensive solution for testing advanced driver assistance systems.  We are exhibiting together with Automotive Test Systems – our trusted representative in India. See us on stand 2054.


180_180_RT_RangeAutonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – Setup and equipment 

Thatcham Research test a range of safety features on new vehicles, including Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems. In order to test these new safety systems, a huge amount of preparation as well as suitable measurement equipment is required. If you want to find out more about the vehicle setup for AEB testing and how the RT-Range is invaluable for obtaining highly accurate, reliable and repeatable test resultsclick here to watch Thatcham’s video.