Newsletter – RT-Range for the most complex ADAS tests


March 21, 2013

As testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is getting more and more complex, car manufacturers need a test system which can perform a wide range of highly complicated tests including multiple vehicles under realistic traffic scenarios. The RT-Range is already the most comprehensive solution used globally for developing advanced driver assistance systems. Here is why…


180_180_FeaturePointsNew! RT-Range aids traffic sign recognition development

Real-time testing of vision based ADAS sensors, capable of recognising road signs or traffic signals, just got a lot easier thanks to the new Feature Point technology from OxTS. The new technology checks if objects around it fall within an ADAS sensor’s scope. As soon as any Feature Point enters the sensor’s defined range, it instantly appears on the Real-Time Display software. The inclusion of this new feature gives users almost limitless freedom when planning realistic scenarios to validate traffic sign recognition systems. Read more…


180_180_DashboardMost comprehensive solution for AEB, FCW and LDW tests

The RT-Range is a comprehensive solution for testing and verifying advanced driver assistance systems such as AEB, FCW and LDW. It outputs highly accurate vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-object and lane positioning measurements in real-time. The RT-Range can measure the curvature of the lanes, the angle of the vehicle within the lane, and supports up to 8 lanes which makes it an invaluable tool for testing lane departure warning sensors. Read more…


180_180_CarShapeRT-Range “sees” the shape of your target cars

With the OxTS RT-Range you can define the shape of a target vehicle with up to 8 points rather than just a single point. The RT-Range computes the closest range from the hunter vehicle to the polygon representation of the target vehicle, automatically swapping points and even interpolating between polygon points. This makes it also easier to detect targets which are fully or partially hidden. This new feature is especially useful for more advanced tests, like blind spot detection or collision detection at junctions. To read more about this software feature, click here…


180_180_BackpackValidating pedestrian tracking systems 

The RT‑Backpack from OxTS is a turnkey product that solves the problem of how to reliably validate pedestrian tracking systems with up to two centimetre accuracy. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the RT‑Range products, each RT‑Backpack measures the position, orientation, heading and velocity of the person wearing it. Using the received data, the test vehicle can build and maintain an accurate real-time map of pedestrians or cyclists around it. 


180_180_ABDDriverless testing – RT-Range and ABD robots

The RT-Range systems can be used in combination with the ABD in-vehicle robots for test results with highest accuracy and maximum repeatability. The RT-Range systems can also be used with the ABD robots in order to perform tests that are not safe for human test drivers. Together they provide an invaluable tool for the development, testing and benchmarking of forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking or adaptive cruise control features.


180_180_JSAE2013Exhibitions 2013

We hope you had the chance to visit us on stand 3000 during the Automotive Test Expo in Seoul, Korea from the 18th to 20th March 2013. We are also exhibiting at the SafetyExpo in Aschaffenburg, Germany (15th to 16th May). Or come and see us at JSAE in Yokohama, Japan from the 22nd to 24th May. Our OxTS team looks forward to seeing you at our booth to answer any questions you might have regarding the RT-Range for ADAS testing and our new features!


180_180_RT_RangeInterested? Contact us! 

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