Newsletter – Trusted measurement systems for vehicle dynamics testing and ADAS development


October 27, 2013

The OxTS RT GPS-aided inertial navigation systems are used world-wide for demanding vehicle dynamics tests as well as the development of advanced driver assistance systems. We have made significant improvements to the RT software and added many useful features. A new software update is now available for our customers on a support contract.


180_180_NAVgraph.1NEW! NAVgraph, free graphing and data analysis software

NAVgraph is OxTS’ latest dedicated graph visualisation software specifically designed for getting the very best out of your OxTS products and capable of producing the kind of professional results normally associated with advanced data analysis tools. It is easily customisable to graphically display your vital data just the way you want it. Document, present, print or section and export your data at the full data rate for further analysis by binary or CSV. You can also create KML files which allows you to view your data in Google Earth. Our NAVgraph software is supplied for free with all OxTS products. Read more…


180_180_gxintegerNEW! Improved velocity and slip angle for RT2500 and RT3100 

Our most cost-effective products like the RT3100 and RT2500 are now even more suited for vehicle dynamics testing. Thanks to our improved algorithms, these products can now achieve much better velocity and slip angle measurements. OxTS customers can now benefit from velocity measurements approaching 1 cm/s accuracy and a slip angle accuracy of 0.1° RMS at high speed and without the need for a base-station. This remarkable achievement is thanks to the new gxInteger algorithm and the way OxTS products utilise both GNSS and inertial measurements. It means customers that want real-time RTK-quality velocity and orientation measurements, but don’t require 2 cm position accuracy, no longer need to spend time and money setting up a base-station and have more freedom in selecting test sites. Read more…


180_180_LongVanNEW! Improved heading accuracy with 5 m baseline

With the October 2013 software release, the OxTS inertial and GPS navigation systems with dual antenna capability will be able to use antenna separations up to (and beyond) 5 m. Longer antenna separations make it possible to achieve 0.05° RMS heading accuracy with a 5 m antenna separation. Our customers who are performing vehicle dynamics tests with larger vehicles such as vans, buses, trucks or other utility vehicles can now increase the heading accuracy of their RT system from 0.1°to 0.05°.


180_180_RT_XLAN3NEW! RT-XLAN for reliable communication up to 1km

When testing ADAS systems with the RT-Range, the distance between vehicles can now be extended to 1 km (0.6 miles) with the new RT-XLAN. The RT-XLAN is a high performance WLAN radio unit that extends and improves the data integrity and communication between vehicles. The extended range is especially useful on larger test tracks and for ADAS tests where vehicles need to communicate reliably over a longer distance. Specifically designed for outdoor use, it features a robust, weatherproof design that can operate within a wide temperature range. Powerful suction cups ensure quick and secure mounting onto all types of vehicle roofs – even on aluminium, glass and fibre-glass. Read more…


180_180_ISOcalibration2OxTS calibration services

Our advanced calibration service ensures that your RT2000, RT3000 or RT4000 remains highly accurate. As part of the calibration service all the gyros, accelerometers and GPS components are tested and calibrated to ensure that they are accurate and continue to deliver the results that you expect. We can offer both basic calibrations and ISO17025 calibrations where the acceleration and angular rate measurements are traceable to national standards. Pre-arranged calibrations can be performed on a fast turn-around –contact us today for more information.