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xOEMcore – more than just an IMU

Product News January 27, 2015

200_xOEMcoreOxTS have announced their newest OEM offering to system integrators. The xOEMcore is the first standalone IMU on offer from OxTS, although the custom built system has been a major part of existing products like the xNAV series. However, always striving to innovate, the xOEMcore is no ordinary IMU. In addition to containing 6-axis gyros and accelerometers on a miniature OEM board set, the small IMU block also houses an on-board processor running the Kalman filter. This means users can get the raw IMU measurements like a standard IMU, or they can pair it with an external aiding device such as GNSS receivers and the xOEMcore will take care of the sensor fusion.

OxTS are known around the globe for providing world-class MEMS based inertial navigation systems. With the xOEMcore, integrators get access to the high-grade MEMS IMU with the additional option of taking advantage of OxTS’s advanced sensor fusion and GNSS processing. gx/ix™ technology is available with the xOEMcore providing a tightly coupled solution with inertially-aided RTK relock for robust performance in even the harshest GNSS environments.

Whether using GNSS, LiDAR, WiFi, or other aiding devices, the xOEMcore seamlessly fuses the measurements with the inertial data. This combines the reliability and stability of inertial systems to ensure users get a continuous, robust solution at 100 Hz with minimal latency.

For more information on the benefits of integrating the xOEMcore into your system, contact us now.

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