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Optech file output

Software Releases September 19, 2011

160_OTAOxTS is releasing a new output format that is compatible with Optech laser scanners. This new format is output by RT Post-process, which translates NCOM data to the new format. The format works with the ILRIS scanners for mobile mapping applications.

The ASCII format output by OxTS will have a “.ota” file extension and can have GPS time, latitude, longitude, ellipsoidal altitude, roll, pitch and heading. All the angles are in radians. The file is comma delimited. The OTA output format is selected using the “Select Fields” page of RT Post-process instead of the default CSV format.

In real-time the OxTS products can output an NMEA ZDA message to the ILRIS scanner. The 1PPS output also needs to be connected to the scanner for accurate timing. The scanner will then use the ZDA message to accurately timestamp the laser pulses with a UTC timestamp.

The “.ota” format can be loaded into Optech’s software after it has been post-processed and combined with differential corrections in RT Post-Process. This gives better position accuracy than can be achieved using single point positioning. Alternatively OmniStar corrections can be used on aircraft, removing the need to post-process the raw data.

If you would like more information on using the new “.ota” format then please contact us.




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