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OxTS adds GLONASS support to gx/ix

Software Releases February 22, 2019

Latest NAVsuite release brings GLONASS support to OxTS’ gx/ix tight-coupling processing to aid RTK accuracy in challenging real-world test conditions

As ADAS and autonomous vehicle development shifts increasingly towards real-world open-road testing, the need to validate complex driver assistance systems and sensor arrays in challenging environments has risen in line. A reliable ground-truth reference remains as important as ever during real-world testing, but urban canyons, bridges and tree cover can interrupt the GPS signal and make it hard to provide a reliable, accurate position solution.

In response to this ever-growing need, OxTS has now added GLONASS support to its already well-established gx/ix tight-coupling processing technology. OxTS’ gx/ix processing combines GNSS satellite data with inertial measurements directly in the navigation filter to mitigate multipath errors and provide centimetre-level RTK accuracy in challenging real-world test environments, even when fewer than four satellites are visible. The addition of GLONASS data improves potential satellite visibility and further enhances the robustness of RTK lock, which is necessary for the centimetre-level accuracy required for the validation of the lane-detecting sensors used in today’s ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems.

gxix data Torino

OxTS is adopting a phased approach to the rollout of GLONASS support for gxRTK. In its initial release, GLONASS gxRTK support is compatible with OxTS’ RT3000, RT4000, RT2002 and Survey+ products paired with the OxTS GPS-Base and RT-Base S base stations. In instances when NTRIP or post-processing RINEX corrections are used, GLONASS compatibility will depend on the base station used to deliver those corrections. Corrections from currently incompatible base stations will nonetheless be accepted in the gx/ix processing with no risk of performance reduction, and GPS data will continue to be used for RTK tight-coupling. Moving forward, OxTS will continue to expand the range of products compatible with GLONASS gxRTK support.

Key benefits of GLONASS support for gxRTK include:

● Increased satellite visibility via the GLONASS satellite constellation
● Improved performance in challenging GNSS environments
● Increased RTK availability for more robust and reliable centimetre-level accuracy
● Cost-effective real-time FOG-level performance suitable for autonomous vehicle testing

GLONASS gxRTK support is part of the latest firmware release for OxTS’ INS products. Existing customers of RT-series and Survey+ devices will require a firmware upgrade to make use of GLONASS gxRTK support. Firmware upgrades are free to customers with an OxTS maintenance contract.

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