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Advanced new algorithm achieves RTK integer relock in as little as 5 seconds

Software Releases June 24, 2014

A new algorithm called gxRTK inertial relock is helping post-process users regain RTK integer accuracy in as little as 5 seconds after bridges, dense foliage or other obstructions interrupt GPS signals. The algorithm is an extension of our existing gx technology and uses information from the inertial measurement unit to significantly reduce the area that must be searched for a correct RTK integer solution, cutting both the time taken and the computational load.

“This new technology is a significant benefit to survey and automotive customers alike,” says marketing manager, Janina Milner. “OxTS customers operating in survey environments rarely find themselves working in open-sky environments—which is one of the main reasons they benefit from an inertial navigation unit rather than a straight GPS device. And while automotive customers often operate in wide-open spaces, there is an increasing interest in evaluating solutions on the public highway in real-world conditions.

She continues, “In both cases there is a real need for RTK integer accuracy. But while INS systems overcome many of the limitations GPS has in poor operating environments, and provide an uninterrupted stream of position measurements, it’s impossible for any system to maintain RTK lock when satellite signals are interrupted; even momentarily. While gxRTK inertial relock can’t prevent these interruptions, it can minimise their impact on the user by reducing the time required to re-establish RTK integer accuracy to as little as 5 seconds.”

Coupled with the ability to use GNSS corrections from multiple RINEX files—removing the  need to setup a base-station, gxRTK inertial relock makes it even easier to achieve RTK integer accuracy both when surveying in dense urban environments and or when evaluating ADAS on public highways. For more information on gxRTK inertial relock in post-process and how it can help you, or to request a demonstration of our equipment, please contact your regional representative or email OxTS directly at relock OxTS

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