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OxTS appoint Visimind as new Survey and Mapping Distributor

Company News June 18, 2021

OxTS is pleased to announce that Visimind AB has agreed to join the OxTS Survey and Mapping community.Visimind is a growing survey and mapping distributor, headquartered in Sweden. They also have offices in Central Europe (Poland), Southern Europe (Italy) and a presence in Latin America.

They will be responsible for distributing our Survey and Mapping specific Inertial Navigation Systems and associated software to Velodyne LiDAR customers in these areas.

Visimind specialise in Mobile Mapping technology and will be able to offer additional expert local support. Their expertise covers a number of applications including:

  • Environmental mapping
  • Gas network design and planning
  • Power grid asset management and planning
  • Railway survey
  • Road engineering
  • Urban area mapping


We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with Visimind, as they become the latest addition to the OxTS Survey and Mapping partner network. They are the leading Velodyne distributor for EMEA, and this experience means they can provide expert advice on the integration of INS and LiDAR technology. Their appointment builds on our existing network of excellent OxTS distribution partners across the region.

Simon Thompson, Business Manager, OxTS


Visimind AB is the primary distributor of Velodyne LiDAR products for the whole of EMEA. They are also the sole and authorised reseller for all Velodyne products in Scandanavia, the Baltic countries and Poland.

Learn more about OxTS’ relationship with Velodyne


As well as distributing Velodyne and OxTS products, Visimind also offer a number of professional services. These include…

Aerial Photography


Photo acquisition, documentation and inspection

  • Inspection
    • Top Control – high resolution images
    • standard images of Visimind Method
  • IR photos – Thermal Imaging
  • “Corona” – images of corona discharge
  • CIR, NIR – near infrared
  • Oblique images
  • Documentation and inspection of electricity infrastructure (corridor mapping)
  • Power line quality control
  • Assets data acquisition
  • Terrestrial and aerial visual inspection



Consulting in strategic sectors

  • Assembly tables
  • erosion and terrain change analisys
  • Environment analisys – vegetation reports
  • Object proximity reports
  • Environment factors effect simulations (temperature, wind, icing)
  • Static load reports
  • Longitudinal and Cross-scection profiles

Digital Models


Digital models – 3D models, vector files

  • DTM – digital elevation model
  • DSM – digital surface model
  • nDSM – normalised digital surface model
  • 3D models
  • Poles and catenary digitalisation



Environmental services

  • Impact on environment reports
  • Tree growth prediction
  • Volume calculations – quantitative measurements



Digital cartography

  • Orthophoto maps – aerial mapping services
    • Linear objects – power lines, pipelines, roads,
    • Areas – coastline, cities
  • Base map for design purposes
  • Cadastral
  • Environment, land, water and plannig maps
  • Site location plan (landplan)
  • Static theme maps

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


Low and high altitude

  • ALS – Airborne laser scanning (LiDAR)
  • Point cloud (RGB, NIR)
  • Simulation and analysis

Research and Development


Cooperation with third parties

  • Cooperation drafts
  • Research and Development
  • Cooperation with universities



Advanced programming solutions

  • DPM 3D Inspection
  • Database data sets
  • Custom applications
  • Geoserver
  • Web DPM
  • DPM Field Inspection
  • AR – augmented reality

Contact Visimind

For more information about this new partnership Contact OxTS or alternatively, visit the Visimind Website and learn more about what they do.

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