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Re-calibrate your INS for optimum performance

Calibration services for inertial, GPS navigation and RT-ANA Products

It is important to re-calibrate your inertial navigation system over time to ensure the sensors are accurate to their intended specification. At OxTS, we calibrate and test all the gyros and accelerometers to ensure they are accurate. We then provide a report of the results, so you have proof that they meet your required specifications.

INS maintenance and calibration

Basic calibrations

This is a quick calibration to ensure the system is within specification (for standard users who wish to ensure optimum performance).

INS maintenance and calibration

ISO 17025 calibrations

This involves detailed testing where acceleration and angular rate measurements are traceable to national standards (for companies which require rigorous traceability of their test results). Our calibration process is BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited which means our calibration equipment, methods and internal quality management systems meet the highest standards set by the industry.

INS maintenance and calibration

SuperCAL calibrations

A calibration that reduces gyro linearity to 0.05% (for highly dynamic applications where high levels of accuracy are required).

INS maintenance and calibration

Basic RT-ANA calibration

We offer a basic calibration of the RT-ANA which includes adjusting the RT-ANA if necessary. The report declares that the RT-ANA works correctly. We do not offer ISO 17025 calibration for this product.

Download calibration brochure

For more information about our calibration services, please download our calibration brochure or contact us directly on

Download calibration brochure
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