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OxTS celebrates 25 years of business

Company News April 3, 2023

The beginning of April marks 25 years since OxTS was established as a business.


At this time we look forward to many more successful years shared with our customers and partners, but we also want to reflect and celebrate the fantastic years already shared.


Back in 1998 OxTS founders Dr. Alex Nairac and Brendan Watts began developing our first inertial systems used for land navigation applications. They spotted a gap in the market to supply accurate and reliable measurement solutions to engineers in the automotive market. Their passion for technology innovation is what drove the business in those early days and continues to be the case for our 100+ staff today.


25 years on, OxTS remains a strong and dynamic organisation, exporting products into 40+ countries to some of the world’s leading technology brands. We have proudly supplied customers to companies such as Ford Motor Company for almost all of our 25 years – demonstrating not only a commitment to bringing technology to the market, but to building long term relationships.


A note from our founders, Alex and Brendan:


“With pride we can say that the OxTS team has been amazing at pulling together for the last 25 years, and delivering great solutions to our customers. I’m proud of OxTS staff for their part in making a better world, whether testing automotive safety features, contributing to mapping or being part of greater systems. We are excited to see what we can create next.”


We are releasing new technology in our 25th year. Our engineers are working on hardware and software products for new market spaces, and we are as committed as ever to continually improving our core suite of services for existing customers.


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Here’s to the next 25 years!

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