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New cone placement files

Software Releases January 18, 2012

220_coneplacementiconsRepeatability and accuracy are of utmost importance when performing vehicle dynamics tests. OxTS has recently launched a useful cone placement tool for the RT measurement systems. This new, ingenious feature makes it easy and quick to lay out cones accurately on a proving ground.

If you need to place some cones for a specific test manoeuvre you can do that now with maximum precision. The cone placement tool also allows you to lay out exactly the same course over and over again – even on a different test track. This is especially useful if you are benchmarking cars or assessing the ride and handling characteristics of different car models and you need to use the same course again, but cannot leave the cones on the test track permanently.

The positions of the cones are loaded from a simple CSV file. You can either create your own cones layout or use one of the OxTS templates. We have created a webpage with a variety of example cone placement files. You can download csv files for:

  • lane changes according to ISO3888-1 and ISO3888-2
  • slalom files,
  • circles
  • u-turn and elk test files according to the Russian GOST standard

We have provided the files in English format (with a dot as the decimal separator) and in European format (with a comma as the decimal separator).

To read more about the cone placement feature here…

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to prepare some csv files for another test standard or if you would like to share your own cone placement files with us.

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