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OxTS demonstrates RT-Range S ADAS validation tool to over 90 test engineers in Sweden

Company News June 14, 2018

For over a decade, automotive test engineers have used GNSS/IMU sensors as reference systems in testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and development projects. The benefit of GNSS/IMU sensors is they can provide a complete reference data set (position, orientation and motion) in real-time.

OxTS’ range of automotive INS products are used by engineers to validate ADAS sensors and systems to Euro NCAP standards – we deliver centimetre-level position accuracy and vehicle orientation data in 3D to provide a reliable stream of position and dynamics reference data sets.

The RT-Range S is a multiple-target ADAS measurement system used by AstaZero and many other automotive test facilities globally.

Earlier this year we took to the City-area on the AstaZero test track to demonstrate our systems for validation of ADAS sensors in junction scenarios. Our objective was to successfully demonstrate:

  • Multi-vehicle position accuracy of 2 cm in real-time
  • Range-to-target vehicle calculation in real-time
  • Time to collision with acceleration
  • Target visibility measurements as vehicles emerge from behind obstructions at junctions.

Using an RT3003 system in our test vehicle and our smaller, lightweight INS in our target vehicle, we set up a real-time demonstration scenario at a T-junction. We surveyed a fixed point as an obstruction at the junction and gathered together more than 90 interested observers.

Let’s see how we did…

View from AstaZero city control tower

OxTS Bird’s Eye View software tracks targets in real-time

Using the RT-Range S software suite and popular ‘polygon tool’, we were able to display, in real-time, a bird’s-eye view of the test area, highlighting the precise outline of each vehicle, each vehicle’s position, its range to target and the target visibility, all in one window.

As Euro NCAP protocols develop, one thing is for sure: automotive test engineers will require reliable and accurate systems that can track more and more targets in real-time. The RT-Range S is capable of tracking up to four moving targets (including vehicles, platforms and dummies) in real-time, and calculating target visibility in junction scenarios and during braking and lane-validation tests.

To find out how our RT-Range S can help automotive test engineers perform ADAS tests to global NCAP standards, get in touch today.

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