OxTS – Expert inertial + GNSS navigation technology


July 14, 2014

OxTS offers a range of leading GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems for applications where reliable position and highly accurate orientation data matter. Our systems provide continuous position measurements even in harsh GPS environments and output roll, pitch and heading making it an ideal system for all airborne or land-based survey and mobile mapping applications.

With our new software release we have added exciting new features to our software suite:


11901bb9-ed3a-46c6-b187-d4266c201696NEW! gxRTK inertial relock increases real-world accuracy

A new algorithm called gxRTK inertial relock is helping post-process users regain RTK integer accuracy in as little as 5 seconds after bridges, dense foliage or other obstructions interrupt GPS signals. The algorithm is an extension of our existing gx technology and uses information from the inertial measurement unit to significantly reduce the area that must be searched for a correct RTK integer solution, cutting both the time taken and the computational load. Read more…




NEW! RT Post-process support for multiple base-stations improves productivity
The latest release of RT Post-process, our free post-processing software, now gives OxTS customers the ability to seamlessly reference multiple RINEX files for each file they post-process. This saves time and reduces the possibility of errors as users would otherwise need to manually join and manipulate files to achieve the same result. The new feature is particularly useful for customers involved in surveying where the distance covered in a single test can be hundreds of kilometres. With rail survey data for example, RT Post process will maintain the highest possible accuracy by automatically selecting the closest available RINEX file. Customers operating with split RINEX files where a test crosses the UTC midnight boundary, will also benefit as the software automatically selects the correct RINEX data. Read more…



170_125_I+receiversNEW! Compatibility with two new GPS receivers keeps Inertial+ at the cutting edge

The latest update of the Inertial+ now allows customers using NovAtel’s OEM638 products or Topcon’s B110 GNSS receivers to quickly and easily benefit from the precision and reliability of a full GNSS-aided inertial navigation system. The easy integration of these latest generation sensors with the Inertial+ ensures it remains a highly cost-effective but simple solution for customers looking to enhance the performance, flexibility and reliability of their existing GNSS hardware. Read more…



b2738d05-e5b3-4cdb-a057-d39dcc9dcffaNEW! Updated Survey+ now achieves 1 cm accuracy

OxTS is delighted to announce from June 2014 we will be launching a new generation of Survey+ systems that can achieve 1 cm RTK accuracy both in real-time and post-process instead of the 2 cm accuracy of previous models. Our engineers have realised this improvement without increasing costs, so there is no price increase attached to this improved position accuracy. The change gives the products an even better price/performance ratio, whether they’re used in an aircraft for airborne laser scanning, or simply feeding INS measurements into a mobile mapping solution.



170_125_SBASNEW! More SBAS regions added for users in India and Russia

With this software release, we have added more service areas of satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) for our customers. In addition to North America (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS) and Japan (MSAS), the new software will allow users in Russia and India to use the SDCM and GAGAN services respectively with their systems. Our OxTS customers can select their SBAS region in the options page of NAVconfig, our convenient user interface for configuring your OxTS GPS-aided inertial navigation system. Read more…



d8651a35-6665-4139-93a4-49d74de17522List of all software improvements

Everyone in our R&D department has worked hard over the last few months to improve our software and to add useful, new features for our customers. We have added two more GNSS receivers to the list of integrated receivers for our Inertial+, we have worked hard on our gxRTK inertial relock, added support for new SBAS regions, made updates to NAVconfig and NAVgraph, added support for multiple base-station files in our post-processing software, and much more. The main changes are summarised here in our software release newsletter. If you would like to read the full list of software changes on our website, please click here…