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OxTS Inertial+ with 250 Hz update rate

Product News October 4, 2013

Our popular Inertial+ navigation system will also be available with a higher update rate of 250 Hz from mid October 2013. The increased output rate makes the Inertial+ perfectly suited for all precision mobile mapping applications where data is acquired at high speeds. It is also ideal for airborne mapping projects such as precise LIDAR or photogrammetry applications.

The Inertial+ is a very cost-effective inertial navigation system which can interface to your existing GNSS receiver to give reliable, continuous and jump-free position updates even when GNSS signals are interrupted. In addition, the Inertial+ also measures heading, roll and pitch which are important for correcting cameras, laser scanners and other on-board sensors. The Inertial+2, a product variant designed to use dual antenna GPS, provides reliable and improved heading accuracy especially for airborne applications.

For vehicle-based applications, drift can be reduced or kept to a minimum by using a wheel speed odometer input. With our clever combined forwards/backwards processing, drift can be further reduced. By processing the data both forwards and backwards in time, then combining the results, the accuracy in difficult GNSS environments can be improved significantly.

The turnkey Inertial+ 250 Hz position and orientation systems come with a free software package for configuring the systems, viewing and post-processing data. To find out more about the Inertial+ 250 Hz please contact Sales.

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