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OxTS is now Approved Exporter

Company News January 23, 2012

OxTS is proud to announce its “Approved Exporter” status. This will allow both ourselves and our customers to use simplified customs procedures for exporting/importing to countries that have a preference trade agreement with the EU. Our products have been officially approved as EU Origin and being an Approved Exporter means customers who buy our products can benefit from any preferential duty rates that have been agreed with the EU when they import into their country.

Countries that can benefit from this are:

 The EFTA Countries (Norway, Iceland & Switzerland including Liechtenstein), Ceuta/Melilla, Israel, Faroe Islands, Macedonia, Andorra, South Africa, Mexico, Croatia, Jordan, Chile, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, The West Bank / Gaza Strip, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cariforum States, Serbia and South Korea.

Included in this simplified export procedure are almost all OxTS products:

– All RT inertial and GPS products including RT2000RT3000 and RT4000 product families
– RT-Range – systems for testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
– Inertial+ – the extremely price competitive inertial navigation system
– RT-Strut – our quick car mounting system for the RT products
– RT-Ana – for analogue outputs
– RT-Base – our rugged GPS Base Station
– RT-UPS – our small, compact uninterruptible power supply
– RT-Backpack – for testing car-to-pedestrian communication
Our Approved Exporter reference number is: GB 15455/12. We have a list of countries that are covered and we do our best to add this to commercial invoices automatically. However, it would be great if you could also request this when you place your order with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about our “Approved Exporter” status.


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