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OxTS launches the RT-UPS

Product News October 29, 2011

200_RTUPSimageOxTS has launched an uninterruptible power supply, the RT-UPS, designed specifically for the RT product range. The RT-UPS combines three great features in one small package including a wide input voltage range, an isolated power supply and a battery. OxTS’ new uninterruptible power supply is reverse polarity protected and has a wide operating temperature range.

A small battery in the RT-UPS can supply power to the RT for up to 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the RT-UPS will shut down the RT. The compact power supply will turn on again when the input power is turned on and it will charge the battery so that it is ready for the next power interruption.

The input range is from 9V to 48V d.c., making the RT-UPS suitable for use in trucks, boats and aircraft. Using the RT-UPS, the operating voltage range of the RT products can be increased from 18V d.c. and can therefore be used confidently on trucks.

An isolated power supply has been included in order to try and minimise the potential damage to the RT from reverse polarity. Although the RT itself is reverse polarity protected, it is not protected from the short-circuit that can occur when the ground pins are connected to both power and ground at the same time. By isolating the supply in the RT-UPS it is much more difficult to have a short-circuit through the RT when the power supply is reversed.

The operating temperature range of the RT-UPS is the same as the RT products, -10 to 50degC. This is wider than most uninterruptable power supplies. It is achieved by controlling the cooling in the RT-UPS using the internal fan.

The uninterruptible power supply connects directly to the RT2000 and Inertial+ products. For the RT3000 and RT4000 products a simple change to the user cable is required. The cigarette lighter plug on the RT User Cable is the source of many power-supply interruptions and needs to be replaced with a more reliable connector. OxTS can supply kits of parts so that the RT User Cable can be modified.

For more information on the RT-UPS please contact your local sales representative.

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