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OxTS launches xOEM500 at ION GNSS+

Product News September 29, 2014

300_200_xOEM500_launchGNSS/INS board set gives system integrators great performance in a small package

OxTS has announced the latest addition to the OEM line of inertial navigation systems aimed at system integrators. The xOEM500 is a high performance GNSS/INS embedded on a single, compact board set and marks OxTS’ smallest, lightest INS offering to date.

It was launched at the ION GNSS+ 2014 conference in Tampa, Florida where attendees got the chance to see the miniature system up close and personal. “There was a lot of interest in the xOEM500,” said product manager Iain Clarke. “People were really surprised by the performance considering its size. It was designed to be as small and light as possible without compromising accuracy.”

The xOEM500 manages to pack a lot of features into its compact form factor. It includes dual GNSS receivers capable of 50 cm position and giving stable heading performance in all conditions. The IMU is made up of MEMS based accelerometers and gyros, but thanks to OxTS’ custom calibration techniques including the SuperCAL™ adjustment, the sensors are pushed to the limits to deliver the world’s smallest tactical grade INS.

In addition to the GNSS and IMU, the board set includes 4 GB of storage for up to 8 days’ worth of data and an on-board processor running the strapdown navigator and Kalman Filter. Data is output at up to 100 Hz in real-time and logged internally so it can be post-processed with the OxTS NAVsuite software package, included free with the system.

The xOEM500 also features OxTS gx/ix™ technology; advanced GNSS and inertial processing technology that integrates the raw GNSS data directly with the inertial system to generate a solution tailored to the Kalman Filter. The gx/ix tight coupling and inertial relock means the xOEM500 maintains accuracy in urban and other harsh GNSS environments.

Designed for system integrators who require precise position and orientation measurements in a compact form factor, the xOEM500 offers exceptional price/performance with competitive pricing and volume discounts available. For more information, visit

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